We need you to join the Sierra Club
(Note from JS and JM: Well, folks, what do you think? A rural, resource providing takeover of the Sierra Club? Wow!!! What a bandwagon to jump on! Just imagine! Teresa and Trent may have struck onto something.  Filling the board of Sierra Club with people who have common sense...)
Loos Lips - Daily news a commentary by Trent Loos
January 21, 2004
By Trent Loos

Many of you are going to think this is nuts. I fully endorse Teresa Platt and her plea to take over the Sierra Club. Act today. You always want to know how you can help so forward this to everyone you know.


Please do link here to read and understand the whole thing, we need to get a seat on the board.  http://loostales.blogspot.com/2004_01_18_loostales_archive.html#107469432663904739


Why my family joined the Sierra Club - and why yours should too before January 31, 2004!

By Teresa Platt, Executive Director, Fur Commission
USA http://www.furcommission.com/  furfarmers@aol.com

I work in the mink biz and my family's work resumi includes agriculture and commercial fishing.


Most of my friends are professional farmers, ranchers, fishermen, hunters and trappers, loggers and miners, whalers and sealers, resource providers from all over the world.


Such people are more often on the receiving end of Sierra Club campaigns, as opposed to members of Sierra Club.


So why has my family joined the Sierra Club?


Since most Sierra Clubbers don't vote, it only takes about 30,000 votes for a candidate to win a seat on the board.


That's only 15,000 families with joint membership.


Executive Director Carl Pope noted that 18% of Sierra Club members fish and/or hunt (about 140,000 of the 780,000 Sierra Club members) and he worries that they will be driven out of the Club by the vegan/animal rights agenda pushed by Paul Watson.


To make this fray even more interesting, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has earned respect for over twenty years of battling white supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan, claims some of the groups backing some of the Sierra Club board and 2004 candidates have ties to racist groups.


The SPLC is so concerned by the turn of events, its director, Morris Dees, is running for a seat on the Sierra Club board, in order to "sound the alarm." You must visit http://www.splcenter.org/news/item.jsp?aid=45







(6) See also "Election Becomes a Fight Over Sierra Club's Future: Animal-rights activists and
anti-immigration advocates are teaming in a bid to control the board, to the dismay of traditionalists," Los Angeles Times, January 18, 2004,




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The White River & Douglas Creek (Colorado) Conservation Districts will be holding their Annual Meeting & Banquet on January 24, 2004.
This year we have a very exciting and dynamic guest speaker, Trent Loos. Mr. Loos is a 6th generation farmer who has taken his passion for a rural lifestyle to bridge the gap between farmers and producers. Tickets are available at the District Office, 351 7th Street, Meeker or call 878-5628 x101. See you there!


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