My Official Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’ Comments - “It is like having several terrorists in your back yard.” – Deb Robinette, Diamond G Ranch, Dubois, Wyoming.


November 20, 2004 

By Julie Kay Smithson 

213 Thorn Locust Lane

London, Ohio 43140




In order to fully understand and appreciate my comments, the reader should have a passing acquaintance with carnival sideshow barkers. In the case of this ‘gray wolf re-introduction ‘Plan’’, the sideshow barker has embarked on a diet of steroids and has morphed into something that is difficult to describe. Greed gone mad comes readily to mind. Please bear with me and read on; the comments you are reading are the result of much considered thought, research, study and ‘connecting the dots’. Not one word in these comments has been included facetiously. Every word is contained herein or included by reference in order to prove conclusively, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that what is planned for the people and animals, both wild and domestic, of Oregon, is worse than the most horrific serial killing or natural disaster. The ‘Plan’ must be – MUST BE – stopped and dismantled in its entirety. The only ‘need’ for such a ‘Plan’ is to remove property rights and freedom from the people of Oregon and place the state’s resources under the control of a few members of Gang Greed. It is a simple ‘Plan’ and I hereby endeavor to lay it out for the reader in a simple, understandable, albeit not very palatable, manner.


Throughout my comments will be interspersed photos of what ‘living with wolves’ really looks like. Those federal and state employees and their ‘partners’ who would steamroller Oregonians, Oregon livestock, wildlife and pets, with this large predator – for their own reasons – would not live with scenes such as you will see in these photos … but they expect YOU to. Warning: these photos are not for the faint of heart.


A lamb, killed by a wolf. Source:


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s ‘Gray Wolves’ main web page -- -- “Gray Wolves: An Introduction to Oregon Wolf Issues”, is fraught with false, emotion-targeted language deception.


There is no valid science involved in the “Introduction to Oregon Wolf Issues”; in fact, I am reminded of the 1970s soda pop advertisement for 7-Up, referring to caffeine -- except, in this case, the reference is to truth and facts: “Never had it, never will.”





With the notable exception of Sharon Beck’s Minority Report and addendum, the same could be said for the remainder of the text at this website URL: regarding how much real science is contained therein: None.


My comments are made regarding the Oregon “Wolf ‘Plan’” websites, paid for by YOUR taxpayer dollars: and’Plan’.pdf -- and included by reference, any ‘science’ upon which such ‘Plans’ purport to rely.


I include Beck’s addendum here in my comments to further underpin my own comments, because her facts are valid and based upon truth, not the conjecture and ‘visioning’ of the Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’:


“MEMORANDUM for OFWC hearing on October 15, 2004 To be included as an addendum to the Legal Status Minority Opinion of the Wolf submitted by Sharon Beck In comments on the federal reclassification and delisting of gray wolves (attached), biologist Mark McNay from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Wildlife Conservation, notes the following:


Wolves introduced into the Western U.S. are of the subspecies canis lupus occidentalis, but wolves that historically occupied this area, including Oregon, were probably more closely related to canis lupus nubilus (citing Ronald M. Nowak, A Perspective on the Taxonomy of Wolves in North America and Another Look at Wolf Taxonomy (1995)). Thus, the reintroduced wolves into the Western U.S. are not of a subspecies historically indigenous to Oregon. [emphasis added]


McNay also notes that biologists were aware of these taxonomic inconsistencies before reintroducing the gray wolves into Yellowstone and Idaho (citing W.G. Brewster and S.H. Fritts, Taxonomy, Genetics and Status of the Gray Wolf, Canis Lupus, in Western North America (1992)). As such, any wolves coming from this population into Oregon would not be of the same type of wolf [as] that [which] was native to but extirpated from Oregon. [emphasis added]


The Oregon Threatened or Endangered Wildlife Species Act (ESA) specifically defines “native” as “indigenous to Oregon, not introduced.” ORS 496.171(2). [emphasis added; ORS – Oregon Revised Statute] Likewise, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, under the Oregon Administrative Rules, defines “native” as “a species indigenous to Oregon, not introduced. Indigenous species include species that occur naturally or were extirpated from the state.” OAR 635-100-0100(8). [emphasis added] There is no express or implied language under the ORS or OAR of the definition of “native” that would include any species introduced into the state. To the contrary, both sources expressly state that native means NOT introduced. [emphasis added]


In considering the legislative history on ORS 496.171(2), the legislature specifically introduced an amendment to ORS 496.171 (House Bill 2120 (1995)) in order to include a definition of “native”. The definition was adopted as it stands in the ORS today.


The role of the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission is to conduct investigations of wildlife species native to this state and to determine whether any such species is threatened or endangered. ORS 496.172(1) (emphasis added). The Commission will act outside the scope of its legal authority by promulgating rules related to the conservation of the gray wolf that is coming into Oregon from adjacent Western states (canis lupus occidentalis), because this wolf species is not [a] native species to Oregon within the meaning of the Oregon ESA.


End of Sharon Beck’s addendum. Source:


There is more on this topic from Beck here:


Here’s a photo (imagine, if you will, the pain and lifelong residual effects of this maiming) of what wolf teeth do to an animal’s legs when it tries to flee or kick in defense:




Canadian gray wolves have never been in Oregon, and if sound science and common sense prevail, they never will. There is no need for ANY “breeding pairs” or any “‘PLAN’” and thus, no need for such smokescreens as “listing” or “delisting”.


The various Department of Interior agencies and their non-governmental “partners”, including, but not limited to, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife “Service”, must continue to use whatever means at their disposal -- down to and including false science, language deception and other ‘tools of the trade’ -- in order to justify their continued existence.


A search of my own research website garners this, the full text of which is to be included by reference in my comments:


A howling success ... -----. Contact Ed Bangs: 406-449-5225 ext. 204. Mr. Bangs is the federal wolf recovery coordinator in Helena, Montana ... - 14k - Cached - Similar pages

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Wolves May Be Coming Back Into Utah ... little doubt about it," said Ed Bangs, the Montana-based coordinator of the US Fish and Wildlife Service's [FWS] wolf recovery program. 406-449 ... wolves_may_be_coming_back_into_u.htm - 10k - Cached - Similar pages

Lone wolf kills calf near Mackay ... to Contact Ed Bangs: or 406-449-5225 ext. 204. Mr. Bangs ... lone_wolf_kills_calf_near_mackay.htm - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

Results 1 - 10 of about 305 from for "wolves". All the results from this search at my website, and every word contained in them, are hereby included by reference in my Official Public Comments on the Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’.

Wolves At The Door: Ranchers Uneasy December 30, 2002. WOLVES AND PEOPLE. The Salt Lake Tribune. PO Box 867. Salt Lake City, Utah 84110. 801-257-8800. ... - 20k - Cached - Similar pages

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Timber wolves resurgent in upper Midwest: Once Endangered, Animals Are Now 3,100 Strong in Area and Again Pose a Threat to Livestock ... - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

Now for more photos:

Calf, killed by wolves.


“The first picture is of a calf that Jon and I found one day riding the forest checking on the cows and calves. We came upon this calf and [at first thought] it looked like it had died of natural causes. But, as we looked closer, the calf had its tongue out of its mouth and it just didn't look right. Jon called the Game & Fish and they came out and skinned the calf. At this time, the wolves were new to us and how they killed, and the Game and Fish personnel of Wyoming were in the same boat. The hemorrhaging under the hide is a good sign that it was killed. The Game & Fish ruled out bear, so we were fairly sure that we knew what did it. We had the past Director of Alaska Fish and Game look at this picture and he said it was wolves. The wolves just ‘sport killed’ this calf … they did not even eat him. We were not reimbursed for this calf as it was not a ‘confirmed kill.’ … It is like having several terrorists in your back yard.” – Deb Robinette, Diamond G Ranch, Dubois, Wyoming.


For those familiar with Hegelian Dialectic, language deception, Aesopian language, facilitation and consensus techniques, such a foisting onto the people and their children, livestock and pets -- not to mention the herbivores in the neighborhood -- of Oregon is tantamount to wanton, criminal destruction of said people and animals. Of course, wolf populations ‘rebound’ at ‘remarkable’ rates: when they have had their few predators removed and have been given ‘carte blanche’ by federal agents acting to fulfill a resource theft agenda, they will most certainly feed well and will multiply like rabbits. The wolf, of course -- and in other areas, the cougar, wolverine, grizzly, etc. -- is merely the tool, the ‘poster species’ being used to decimate the ‘historic habitat’, if you will, of the human and his charges (that that he stewards).


I liken such very real actions by agents of federal agencies and their ‘partners’, to crimes that would secure lifetime prison sentences, were they to be committed in reverse, by real people without such ‘immunity’ from prosecution as the Endangered Species Act and other ‘legislation’ affords.


Here’s another photo of what is planned for people, their pets, livestock, children and the wildlife of Oregon: and


“[These] two pictures [are] of an eleven-day-old Paint colt that Jon and I owned. This colt was killed about 200 yards behind our house. We did not find it til morning when I went to check on the mares and colts. It was in a small pond of water. The wolves had sorted it off from the rest of the horses by running them into a fence corner, forcing the adult horses to go through the fence. The only mark on the outside hide of the colt was a bite mark on the face. We called Wildlife Services and Mike Jimenez (Wyoming Wolf Coordinator) … they came out and skinned the colt. Merrill Nelson with Wildlife Services confirmed it [to be] a wolf kill. We were paid by Defenders of Wildlife for the colt. We received $2000 for this colt. I had to send Defenders the colt’s parents’ registration papers and also send them clippings [from] the Paint Horse Journal so that they could compare the price I was asking for the colt. I had asked for $2500, but Defenders has a limit of $2000 [per kill]. I had not wanted to sell this colt in the first place … Jon and I had to pay income tax on the $2000. … It is like having several terrorists in your back yard.” – Deb Robinette, Diamond G Ranch, 791 Dunoir Road, Dubois, Wyoming 82513. 307-


Source: and


Jim Beers, a former longtime U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee and whistleblower, has written copious articles about just such criminal actions by his former employer.


Here are just a few must-reads he has penned, all of which refer to what has been done to decimate Rural America under the guise of wolf and other large predator ‘re’ introduction:


The Stench of Corruption


June 2, 2004


[excerpt; truly you simply MUST read this one!]:


“DOW [Defenders of Wildlife] recently sent a letter [April 22, 2004] to a ranch family in Montana. This family raises sheep near a Wilderness Area and they lose sheep to grizzly bears. DOW now says they have "decided to refine the terms of our Grizzly Bear Compensation Trust." DOW says, "There are some places where it simply does not make sense to encourage sheep grazing." DOW claims that such ranches -- "as defined by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Guidelines" -- will have "existing sheep allotments" "monitored, evaluated, and phased out." DOW "will no longer pay compensation for sheep depredation by grizzly bears on (such) public lands." [emphasis added]

So DOW -- through the power and authority (as "partners") of the Federal government laws and bureaucracy -- not only hoodwinks us about the hidden costs we will all pay for these wolves and bears; they [also] openly use their "partner" role to intimidate ranchers into selling out [emphasis added] (cheap) and for the federal government to pick up not only the allotment uses but also the ranch properties that are no longer viable. Families sacrificed for animals and government power [are] no bargain. The stench of this sort of corruption is nauseating.

…Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund is now "united" with The League of Conservation Voters and Friends of Earth Action…”


The Predator Card


Oh, My!

[excerpt: “”] Oh, what the heck – this one deserves to be included in my Official Public Comments on the Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’ in its entirety:


So four wolves killed 85 sheep in central Idaho in one weekend. But, “they only kill the sick ones.” They only "balance" Mother Nature. They don't kill for "sport." It is "important" that they be reintroduced back to where a wiser generation eradicated them. They "don't" reduce game populations. They aren't "dangerous" to people. And so the Defenders of Wildlife and their U.S. Fish & Wildlife partners tuck us all into bed.

Wolves are on the verge of spreading like wildfire across the country. Between all the protection and unoccupied (by large canid competitors) habitat, and an ability to morph and adapt [that is] even greater than their more solitary coyote cousins, they will spread like ink on a pane of glass.

Wolves WILL reduce deer, elk, moose, rabbits, coyotes, foxes, domestic dogs, horses, sheep, calves (and an occasional cow), and yes, they will be a danger to unaccompanied children and older people under certain circumstances. They will learn to come into mall garbage sites for food scraps in the evening. They WILL follow deer into housing areas in the winter and be a hazard to dogs and schoolchildren. They -- like the increasingly unmanaged and no-longer-harassed bears and cougars -- WILL grow bolder around people and eventually attack adult joggers on trails or old folks walking their dog or kids playing in a park.

And all the while … newspapers and TV folks will swallow and regurgitate the pap served up by the animal rights cults that [say] wolves; like sharks, cougars, and bears “don't do that.” That people are "in their habitat." That the savaged person "behaved" incorrectly. That their habitat should be "saved", and people, homes and roads removed. That they have important “functions” in the ecosystem. Like the turkeys that were once claimed to “need” virgin forests -- or the Canada geese that were once said to be able to breed only in far northern marshes -- wolves will prove just how ignorant we are about their capabilities and “needs.”

The latest sleeping pill about what is happening, is that places outside current “critical habitats” can manage the arriving wolves without Federal control (‘at this time’). Ah yes, like including “local governments” in planning committees, we are assuaged. We are calmed by the “fact” that -- although 5 or 6 western states are having a lot of trouble -- it won’t be like that for “us.” As Bugs Bunny used to whisper, “Sucker!

As wolves spread, there will be an outcry when Senator Claghorn’s 10-year-old golden retriever has her throat torn out, inside her invisible fence as she looks for a place to urinate before coming in to bed.

There will be an outcry when the elementary school kid in the snow, or the high school athlete jogging through the woods, or the widow looking for her cat behind the shed, bump into and are harmed -- or worse -- by one or more wolves.

Then Defenders and US Fish & Wildlife Service will say [that] they are the state’s wolves, go [hollering and screaming] to them. And people will.

The state will lie and propagandize about how this is the result of past hunting and environmental ignorance until they notice that people aren’t swallowing anymore and then the fun begins.

 [The state will then] explain that they can’t use poisons anymore (EPA ‘prohibits’ it).

They can’t use planes anymore, (Aerial Hunting Act prohibits it). The Federal “trappers” don’t do this sort of thing [when it happens] off Federal land.

Traps can’t be used because of state laws, or because dogs will get in them [or some other excuse]. Of course you can’t hunt or trap wolves in National Parks or National Wildlife Refuges or in State Parks or State Refuges or Natural Areas. The National Forests and Bureau of Land Management will ‘have’ to do individual EIS’s and ‘they expect a long court battle’.

And many landowners will prohibit any wolf control on their land to “protect” the wolves and their environment. And certain cities and towns will prohibit any control within their boundaries. And the state doesn’t have any money for all this. And on and on and on… It will be like having a concealed weapons permit but you ‘can’t’ leave it in the car or have it near a school or church or park or recreation building or government building or place that serves liquor (i.e., most restaurants) or … fill in the blank.

And no one will have an answer.

And the state will shrug.

The Defenders of Wildlife will smile.

The Federal bureaucrats will refigure their retirement for the third time that day.

The politicians will offer to “help” by spending more of your money to go through meaningless wolf control motions for years and years. Hunting and trapping will suffer but government land acquisition and government programs will prosper.

And your grandkids will be taught how some callous people at one time resisted the restoration of a native ecosystem. When they ask you who they were, you will answer that you didn’t know any of them.

The time to stop this was the first session of Congress (15 years ago) that refused to reauthorize the Endangered Species Act. As long as that Act continues, the problems will proliferate and answers will become more and more remote.

Pressure is needed from determined citizens.

Politicians with honesty and strength of character must be elected to rewrite -- or annul -- laws.

Judges determined to uphold Constitutional values must be appointed. …

The price is way too high, [just] so someone can say they heard a wolf howl on the way home from the bus.


Please, Sir, More!


Many more of Jim’s articles are available here:, and


Jim knows, as do most ranchers, farmers, and other savvy folks, the real intent and scope of siccing non-native large predators on folks in Oregon (and other states, but we’re focused on Oregon for these comments). Call it The Wildlands Project, ‘rewilding’, ‘protection’, or ‘restoration’, it is, bottom line, a ‘Plan’ to retake America’s natural resources and put them in the hands of a very few ‘power brokers’. Certainly it is a conspiracy! What else would you call a ‘Plan’, scheme, etc., that intends to defraud an honorable nation of people and reduce them to serfs? This is the same modus operandi that drove people from England and Europe and brought them to America’s shores – the need to have their own property and their own ability to be, in today’s buzzword and in the REAL meaning: sustainable. This means being self-sufficient, versatile, innovative, of keen mind and willing heart.


I venture to say that few -- and fewer every day -- federal employees have any of these qualities, qualities that are inherent in the responsible American resource provider and private property owner. Using a deception like ‘re’ introduction of wolves that are not native and are being used under the ruse of ‘rewilding’ or ‘restoring’ something ‘endangered’, in and of itself CREATES ACTUAL endangered species. In my own rural Ohio neighborhood, these REAL endangered species are called farmers. In Oregon, they are known as farmers, loggers, miners, ranchers, commercial fishermen and recreationists. The whole gamut is targeted for extinction, and the tools of the trade being used by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are: spotted owls, suckerfish, wolves, etc.


Now for the pets that are on the list to be exterminated by such a ‘Plan’:


“The next two pictures are of two of our wonderful dogs. Let me say this: Neither of these dogs deserved to die like they did! The first dog is Duke, our Great Pyrenees. He is not dead in this picture. The wolves attacked him and bit him in the chest and head. I found him the next morning, he was all covered with mud and blood. The wound in the chest had broken some ribs. I was able to doctor him back to fairly good health. It took a year for the wounds from the wolves to kill him. He developed a cancer-type lump in his head, right where the wolves had bitten him, and I had to have him put to sleep. Duke was 13 years old and a very dear friend.”



Source:, and


“The other dog is Robi, our McNab stock dog. Jon had let her out at about 11 PM to go to the bathroom. He did not know the wolves were around.

Robi was killed just outside our back door.

She was not only killed by the wolves, but they also ate part of her and dragged her body out into the willows behind our house. I found her the next morning. Robi was 14 years old and semi-retired as she loved to work the cows. She was our best dog and it upsets me so that she died this way.

I still cry when I have to go over this or show the picture of her.

But, this is the only way to make people that think we need these damn wolves to understand what we go through. ... Jon and I spent $1500 of our own money to build a kennel for our other dogs. We have to keep them in the kennel when we are not home and at night. We live on a ranch and all of our dogs that were killed were on deeded ground. The horses were too. To date, Jon and I have lost 5 wonderful dogs. Jon and I have a Jack Russell terrier and another old stock dog that we keep in the house, when I take them out during the night I have to check with a spotlight before letting them out. We should not have to live this way. Why do we have to sacrifice our lifestyle for something that we did not want? … The ranch we are on loses several thousands of dollars because of wolves, we are not reimbursed for our losses unless we get a ‘confirmed kill’. Most of the time all we find is the skull and backbone and that is not enough to get a confirmed kill!

Well, I have gone on long enough, but this is so very upsetting to me and so very unfair. It is like having several terrorists in your back yard. - Deb Robinett, Diamond G Ranch, Dubois, Wyoming


How deceitful -- and how very, very WRONG it all is.


Such cancerous tumors on the once-healthy body of the American taxpayer must not be tolerated; they must not be allowed to continue.


This “‘PLAN’” is part of that parasitic existence. When can you recall “government programs” making your “quality of life” any better, or that of your friends, family and neighbors? Think about it, please!


Here’s what horse lovers can expect from this ‘Plan’ (better not even let this ‘Plan’ exist one more day; better scrap ANY ‘Plans’ to put large predators out there to kill your livestock, pets, wildlife, and someday, your children and you):




Source:, and


“[A]n adult saddle horse that was killed last year. We pastured this horse for our neighbors. The horse was alive on a Wednesday and on Friday of the same week, he was all gone! He was also confirmed by Wildlife Services as a confirmed kill, but we had to prove it... I found canine bite marks in the horse’s hind legs; you had to look real close. Wildlife Services skinned the hind legs and you could see the trauma there. We also had to have a vet explain to Mike Jimenez why the blood was the way it was on the hind legs. Mike [Jiminez] did not think that the wolves would kill an adult horse. Jon spent all night Friday watching the carcass, it was moonlit enough to see and Jon has a small pair of night vision scope. That night 5 wolves came back and cleaned up the rest of the carcass, at this time they was not much left of the horse. This horse weighed approximately 1250 pounds. … It is like having several terrorists in your back yard.” – Deb Robinette, Diamond G Ranch, Dubois, Wyoming.


In addition to my own website,, and the above website sources for the photos, there is:, which has much information about wolves and how they and other large predators are used to decimate human populations by default (if it’s economic suicide to farm, fish, mine, log, ranch, etc., no one will live there and Gang Greed can take over). I highly recommend that you visit and study what you find there. Every word of this referenced website is also included by reference in my Official Public Comments on the Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’, as the content of the site is pertinent -- one might say, vital -- to the full understanding of the Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’. Also included by reference and a requisite for understanding the Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’ -- and those of other states/agencies -- is the full text here:


Most reading these comments will agree that “possible habitat” is no valid reason for removing people from their homes and lands, such as has been done by such agencies as USFWS, using whichever “poster species” it thinks will “sell” the public on the “need” for “protection” and “management” -- or “restoration”, or, in this case, “re” “introduction” -- of non-native, much larger and definitely INVASIVE, Canadian gray wolves. “Possible habitat” can be ANYWHERE, for ANYTHING. What has happened that made Genesis-mandated stewardship of flora and fauna by Man, something aberrant?


The original wolf species that was native to Oregon, no longer exists. Using the very savvy quote below, I offer you the meat and potatoes of VALID SCIENCE:


“It is probably a healthy exercise, when considering the extinction of species in this age, to remember that many thousands of life forms have ceased to exist from wholly natural causes -- dinosaurs spring invariably to mind. And further that some organisms -- especially primitive forms, which, as it were, are ‘past their prime’ -- will pass into oblivion, both without human assistance and in spite of it.” - from The Birdwatcher’s Companion, page 229, authored by Christopher Leahy of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, 1982.)


Witness your “collaborative” pabulum below (the text of your “Introduction”):

Due to the current success of gray wolf reintroduction by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in central Idaho and Yellowstone National Park, the numbers of wolves and the range they cover are expanding.

Current federal law states that wolf populations in the tri-state recovery area (Idaho, Wyoming and Montana) must achieve 30 breeding pairs, equitably distributed for three years, before the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service can initiate a proposal to delist the species. An estimated 771 wolves in 51 or more breeding pairs have been documented in the recovery area as of the end of 2003. These numbers mean the federal delisting process could begin at any time.

In Idaho alone, wolf populations have increased significantly during the past several years. The fall 1998 population was estimated to be 114 animals. The fall 2003 population was estimated to be 345 wolves. As a result of this continued growth in numbers, biologists expect wolves to continue to disperse from Idaho into Oregon and become established.

The following information provides some background on the history of wolves in Oregon, their current biological and legal status, and issues surrounding their migration into Oregon.

The gray wolf has been extirpated from Oregon for more than 50 years, meaning the species is native to Oregon, but no longer is found here.

The gray wolf is listed as ‘threatened' under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Wild wolves that enter the state are fully protected by the ESA, which the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has legal authority to administer and enforce.

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission classifies the wolf as an endangered species under the Oregon Endangered Species Act.

According to the ODFW Wildlife Diversity ‘Plan’, the agency strives to reintroduce extirpated native species whenever possible. However, the agency has no reintroduction ‘Plan’s for wolves. The Diversity ‘Plan’ predicts that there is no year-round habitat in Oregon that would allow wolves to exist without conflict with land uses already in place. Based on the experiences of the USFWS and those states currently with wolves within their boundaries, conflicts have included livestock depredation, livestock harassment, and changes to deer and elk populations.

In February 1999, a radio-collared gray wolf from Idaho entered Oregon, resulting in heightened public interest and concern among residents of northeast Oregon and members of the livestock industry. The female wolf, identified by USFWS as B-45, was eventually captured in March 1999 by a helicopter net gun crew near the Middle Fork John Day River and returned to Idaho.

Subsequently, two confirmed wolves have been found dead in Oregon. In May 2000 a collared wolf was struck by a vehicle on Interstate 84 south of Baker City, and in October 2000 an uncollared wolf was found shot between Ukiah and Pendleton.

During the past two years, the USFWS has received approximately 60 reports of wolf or wolf track sightings in eastern Oregon. Based on interviews conducted by USFWS of those who reported the sightings, it is believed that some observations could be of dispersing wolves from Idaho. However, there are no confirmed live wild wolves in Oregon at this time.

To facilitate growing interest and concern for wolves in Oregon, the Wolf Information Group was formed by the USFWS of representatives of many interested and affected parties. Members represent the Oregon Cattlemen Association, Oregon Woolgrowers, Oregon Hunter Association, Foundation of North American Wild Sheep, Defenders of Wildlife, Hells Canyon Preservation Council, Wolf Haven, Umatilla Tribe, Nez Perce Tribe, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and county commissioners. The group has met many times since January 2000 and has addressed specific issues such as control actions, monitoring, depredation and reclassification of wolves. Attendance has been strong and interactions between the various groups generally have been positive.

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission in 2002 held four education workshops with wolf experts to become more informed about wolf issues. Following the workshops, the Commission initiated a public process to prepare for the arrival of wolves. As a result, 15 town-hall meetings were held around the state in late 2002 and early 2003. The Commission received 2,639 oral statements and questions and 1,502 written comments during the three-month process.

The Commission in March 2003 decided to initiate a process to develop an Oregon state wide management ‘Plan’ based on: a review of the oral and written comments received from the public during the wolf town hall meetings; a summary of other states' wolf management ‘Plan’s and how those ‘Plan’s address the concerns and comments heard during Oregon's town hall process; information on strategies to provide livestock owners with flexibility to address wolf depredation; and legal analysis on the Commissions' wolf conservation requirements.

In April 2003, the Commission adopted a ‘Planning process', which included the formation of the 'Wolf Advisory Committee'. At that time, a working goal for the management ‘Plan’ was also approved: "to ensure the long-term survival and conservation of gray wolves as required by Oregon law while minimizing conflicts with humans, primary land uses and other Oregon wildlife."

The Wolf Advisory Group has met monthly since November 2003 and expects to present a draft ‘Plan’ to the Commission in September 2004. Adoption of a final ‘Plan’ is expected in January 2005.

In Oregon, USDA Wildlife Services is the agency responsible for investigating wolf depredation complaints. The agency's ability to respond may be hampered due to lack of personnel and equipment. Currently, the agency does not maintain personnel in three of the easternmost Oregon counties with the greatest potential for wolf-related actions (Baker, Union and Grant counties).

Wolves in Idaho are classified ‘experimental non-essential,' a special status that enabled wolf re-introduction efforts to move forward. This status allows more flexibility in dealing with wolf depredations or other conflicts. The USFWS has pledged cooperation in dealing with verified wolf depredations in Oregon. At this time they have no ‘Plan’s to return wolves dispersing into Oregon back to Idaho. If a wolf in Oregon becomes involved in a depredation situation, the USFWS will take the lead in managing the situation.

Research conducted on wolves from 1979 through the late 1990s indicates that wolves, once given an opportunity, will establish new packs by dispersing into new areas. The average pack size ranges from three to 19 wolves, according to a 1999 study of wolves in the central Rocky Mountains.

Wolves' diet in Idaho and Yellowstone varies between elk and mule deer, with elk being the primary diet item in both states. Studies have found that wolves prey upon the old, sick and young portions of the elk and deer populations.

End of the Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’ “Introduction’s” text.

Perhaps those pushing for implementation of this ‘Plan’ don’t like family pets. If so, this photo, albeit not the best photo, because it was taken from the back of a moving horse during an attack on the rider’s dog – should gladden Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’ proponents’ hearts:


For those that think wolves will not attack and kill people, please visit this website and read what you will find there: (“Ontario Wolf Attack Information”)

Perhaps the average Joe, living in the cities of western Oregon, might not catch on that your “literature” is almost transparent, so lacking is it in facts. This anemic “Introduction” would be laughable – were its intent not so ominous and far-reaching in scope.

For example, Wolf Haven’s mission statement: We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is "working for wolf conservation" by: protecting our wild wolves; providing sanctuary for captive-born wolves; promoting wolf restoration in historic ranges; and educating the public on the value of all wildlife. Source:

Horse feathers! This could scarcely be more false; how could a ‘mission’ ‘educate’ on the ‘value of all wildlife’, when it seeks only to use LARGE PREDATORS to achieve its not-so-public mission of control of resources, which USES wolves to gain a means to its end. THIS is what language deception is all about!

It’s not the fault of the wolves – or the black-footed ferret, prairie dog, panther, grizzly, Indiana bat, and so on, ad infinitum – that they are being used as the “poster species” with which you and your partners intend to depopulate rural Oregon of people and take the natural resources for your own. These are resources that do not belong to you. These are hardworking generational land and water stewards to who property rights and responsible resource providing are inherent, through lineage of hardworking, honorable humans. To exert the unconstitutional, de facto force of the hidden “army” that lies in wait within the belly of the Trojan Horse – in this case, the Endangered Species Act and its gargantuan abuse of property owners and responsible resource providers – is to commit crimes that better suit the description “weapons of mass destruction” than any foreign country’s armaments. Your skewed and deliberate use of language to arouse the emotion and paralyze the intellect of the public – and even fool the property owners and responsible resource providers as you pander the property theft “conservation easements” and other restrictions on private property – is tantamount to one of the most serious felonies: treason. Perhaps few dare call it such, but treason it is, for it would strip America of her property rights, which ARE her freedom.

Here’s an account of wolf/cat/children interaction:

I am fully cognizant that the driving agenda behind the Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’ cares not one whit about wolves of any species or subspecies, no more than you care about spotted owls, Houston tree frogs or lily-livered whatnots, none of which are, in fact, truly endangered, but all of which you would have the public believe, are. Like the wolf, use of this flora and fauna is a sham.

Federal officials say the growing number of wolves is leading to larger losses of sheep and cattle.” July 29, 2004. Contact Melinda O'Malley, who coauthored the article from which this quote is taken: Source:

There can be no collaboration with you and your partners, because the very definition of collaborate is this:

Collaborate - To cooperate, usually willingly, with an enemy nation, especially with an enemy occupying one's country. - The Random House College Dictionary, 1980 Revised Edition, page 263. (Note: Please, consider when you see this word, collaborate, in ‘Plan’s, agency documents, etc., and consider its real meaning.)

No one that truly cherishes family, property rights and freedom in this land that was founded as a Constitutional Republic, can in good conscience collaborate with the very entities that intend to erase all that he/she holds dear.

Tell the truth: why is it that you want to “…facilitate growing interest and concern for wolves in Oregon”? Other than my observation that you are employing and skillfully manipulating my native tongue (language) -- to help you steal property rights and natural resources from their rightful owners -- there is no real reason.

Now, HERE’S some information that will ‘facilitate’ CONCERN ABOUT wolves -- and those that seek to dump them onto Oregonians: I recommend that at least a handful of the six years’ worth of articles found there. Every word at this URL is to be included by reference in my Official Public Comments on the Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’.


A ‘Plan’ to establish wolves in Oregon is a fool’s errand. Having researched property rights and resource providers -- which includes large predators and what their ‘re’ introduction has done to multigenerational American resource providers and, to expand naturally, to America’s economy, over the past six years, I have concluded that livestock and wildlife will be maimed and killed and many wolves will die. Why embark on a ‘Plan’ to permit this agent of death to populate our state? By ‘agent of death’, I mean the agency that promulgates this stalking horse on us. Wolves, and those that would sic them upon us. MUST be kept out of Oregon by whatever means are necessary. Neither belongs here; such things are foreign to a land within a Constitutional Republic and were once expunged. We shall not allow them to return.


Agents employed by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission have determined that a ‘Plan’ be prepared ‘to conserve and manage’ wolves that wander into the state. Recognizing that the wolf will cause problems for some Oregonians, the Commission has instructed its Wolf Advisory Committee to prepare a ‘Plan’ that ‘conserves’ wolves and ‘minimizes conflict’. This is called, by those driving this runaway train of Greed gone mad, ‘conflict resolution’, ‘capacity building’, ‘tolerance’, and other language deception terms. Take your pick, but they all intend to keep the victims from retaliating against their tormentors/attackers. In the case of this ‘Plan’, the tormentors are using wolves to steal the properties, freedom to use those properties and the REAL homeland security from the honest folk of Oregon.


In my studied opinion, the minimum conflict threshold is ZERO -- the ‘Plan’ is pure, unadulterated GARBAGE. The only ‘Plan’ we will accept -- and what has already been proven to be healthy and workable -- is the PREVENTING of WOLVES AND those that would bring them to our doorsteps.


Those that would ‘re’ introduce wolves, and the wolves or other large predators that are being touted as ‘endangered’, have no historical, biological, social or legal right to be in Oregon, to threaten and decimate our rural lifestyle. Historically, Oregon’s statehood grew out of meetings called to eradicate the “wolf problem.” Biologically, the wolf’s environmental niche has been occupied by other species including humans. Socially, the value of no wolves must be recognized and respected. I have no doubt that the question of the wolf ‘re’ introducers’ rights will be tested in court. I pray that those legal minds will see through the smokescreen of such ‘re’ introduction.


The fear of wolves is not just the physical fear of attack; although some rural residents do fear for their safety and that of their children, pets and livestock. Residents of many rural communities are fighting for economic survival -- victims at the hands of the Endangered Species Act -- we do not intend to allow the wolf to be used against us as the spotted owl, suckerfish and other ostensibly ‘endangered species’ have been. We have been working hard to educate Americans about the trap that has been sprung upon American freedom and property rights by the abuse of the ESA. Wolf ‘re’ introduction is just part of that trap.


I expect the Commission to IMMEDIATELY request legislation to remove -- not delist -- the gray wolf from the Oregon state endangered species list and view it as the predator it is. Those who seek to use this furred and fanged weapon of ACTUAL mass destruction -- or any other stalking horse -- upon us should be viewed also as predators, for that is what they are.


Now, here’s information about wolves and a family’s pets from Dan Ingalls of Riverton, Wyoming, complete with photos. Both Dan’s words and the photos will, I fervently hope, be indelibly branded in your mind forever:


Sally was our first Catahoula. We didn't have her very long and we knew we wanted a lot more like her. That's when we started raising Catahoulas. She had unbelievable stamina. She would work, work, work all day and when we got back to camp she wanted to play. All summer the boys admired Callie (Sally's granddaughter), saying we finally raised a dog as good as Sally. Sally's skills, stamina, and personality [were] the standard we measured all other dogs by.



Sally and friends.



Sally, killed by wolves, September 20, 2000.


“Callie was almost a year old when she was killed by wolves. She is a granddaughter of Sally and the best pup we have raised. (and we raise a lot of them) Incredible ability with stock and a sweet, sweet personality. The young girl in the picture is a granddaughter of Jack Wright, (Wright, Wyoming)



Callie, caught kissing:



Callie, killed by wolves, September 19, 2000.


“Tex (Texas Tornado) was our NALC registered (Catahoula) stud dog. We have sold and shipped his offspring all over the USA. He will be missed. The gravesite is on a hill east and just above the Gros Ventre River where Callie, Tex, and Sally were killed. You can see the Tetons about 35 miles to the west.”



Tex, killed by wolves, September 19, 2000.





(Photos referred to of wolves may be viewed here:

but I have not included. They are not grisly photos of dead animals, but rather photos of live wolves, with the exception of a close-up of the one large gray female wolf’s paw with a man’s hand and tape measure to illustrate the sheer size.)


“The most black wolf (two photos, one laying down and another standing sideways) is the one in the pack that had five pups this year. She is the one they caught but did not kill. USFWS radio collared and released her on the evening of September 22nd. There is another picture that is kind of fuzzy of a mostly black wolf standing and looking right at the camera. She is not the same wolf but was the only collared wolf of the Gros Ventre pack. She was put down by USFWS. Both of the black wolves were caught on the night of Sept. 20th by Merrill Nelson, (USDA Wildlife Services regional supervisor) and taken into custody the next day (Sept. 21st) by USFWS wolf manager Mike Jimenez. On the night of Sept. 21st Merrill Nelson caught a third wolf. This was a large gray wolf and at first we thought it was the old male of the pack but on closer inspection it was determined to be another female that USFWS had no idea even existed or was part of the pack (they’ve got a lot more wolves than they know). The paw pictures are from the gray wolf. She was also put down by USFWS. … The wolves also killed a heifer calf and seriously injured a bull calf (bit the tail off at the base and ripped his side open exposing his guts). Sally, Tex, and Callie were loyal, hardworking friends and it was hard to bury them.” – Dan Ingalls, Ingalls and Sons, since 1894. P.O. Box 111, Riverton, WY 82501 1-888-670-BEEF (2333) Home: 307-856-6072; Fax: 801-606-2801. Email: Website: See the Ingalls’ dog page for more about how much their dogs mean to them: Visit the Ingalls’ Predator Page and for more about why wolves are NOT good for Wyoming people, livestock, pets, or wildlife, and why they are NOT good for Oregon people, livestock, pets, or wildlife. Here is another report on the Ingalls’ website about wolf attacks (plural wolves and plural attacks) that happened on August 17, [2000]:


I include the following, to illustrate the extent to which federal agencies -- whose employees are paid with YOUR taxpayer dollars -- will go to stop you from getting into ‘conflict’ with their Plans. The Bureau of Land Management is not the only federal agency to have in place such mind-paralyzing ‘retooling’ methods. It is in place in every other branch of federal government and has come to be part and parcel in much state and local government, too, such as “The Enlibra Toolkit”: This is the employ of language deception to gain goals. It is what runs rife throughout the Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’.


This is what is used by agencies of the Department of Interior to steal the economies and mental health of American ranchers, farmers, etc.


Recent examples, and these are but a few:


Gray Wolf ‘Recovery’ Status Reports, weeks of 8-21-04 – 9-3-04 (excerpts – there is much, much more to this two-week report, most of which mentions extensive money-spending, er, ‘tracking’, by federal employees but no results, other than federal employees lightening the pocketbooks and wallets of American taxpayers, chasing around after wolves that the same federal employees loosed upon the private landowners in the first place: think ‘re’ introduction…):


“Mike Ross and Val Asher [radio] collared a 48-pound female pup from the Phantom pack, on the 26th. The pack is thought to be responsible for a number of sheep and calf depredations near Roscoe, MT since mid-March [2004]. Based on earlier sightings there were thoughts of there being two separate groups of wolves, so this pack will be monitored to determine their movements and possible involvement. Traps were pulled August 31 and a [radio signal] receiver was left with the landowner who will share location data with neighbors...”


“Gary Looney (ID WS – Idaho Wildlife Services), confirmed 3 more depredations on sheep by the Steel Mountain pack. He was authorized to lethally remove one adult wolf and started trapping. On Tuesday the 24th, he captured a 50-pound gray male pup. Since he did not have a collar with him at the time and it was a 25-mile trip to get in cell phone range to try and get a radio collar, he released the pup on site. The depredations have stopped since the capture and release of that pup and trapping has ceased as of the 30th.


“Three members of the Hazard Lake wolf pack in west-central Idaho were lethally removed by helicopter gunning on August 31 (B-182 and B-185, both sub adult females) and September 1 (B-105, the alpha male) after repeated efforts to remove them by ground techniques had been unsuccessful. B-105 has a long history of being involved in livestock depredations. The Service, WS (Wildlife Services) and the Tribe provided non-lethal training and less-than-lethal munitions and RAG boxes to the sheep producer and their personnel on July 8 and in late July. The producer also used multiple guard dogs and herders with each band of sheep in conjunction with the non-lethal techniques provided, but still suffered repeated depredations. Incremental removal of the Hazard pack was authorized beginning July 29 after one lamb was killed on July 23 and another 23 sheep were injured and missing. The July 23 attack was followed by another depredation on July 29 when the Hazard pack was implicated (telemetry) in the injury of 21 sheep and the disappearance of another 14 sheep. Two wolves were lethally removed on July 30 (sub adult male) and August 1 (sub adult female). Subsequently, nineteen more sheep were classified as "possible" kills or missing on August 4 from attacks by the Hazard pack. B-105 and B-182 were documented to be in the area of most of the depredation incidents and were specifically targeted for removal. Lethal ground removal efforts to remove the Hazard pack continued, without success, through August 23 when six more sheep were killed and six were injured. The Service authorized the removal of one additional wolf (B-183 or B-185) for removal in addition to the ongoing effort to remove B-105 and B-182 at that time. Remaining members of the Hazard pack include B-183, the uncollared alpha female and at least 3-5 pups. Control actions have ceased unless further depredations occur.


On the 26th, WS confirmed that wolves had attacked two yearling heifers about two weeks apart on private land near Red Lodge, MT. The first heifer appears to be healing but will be scarred. The other heifer sustained more injuries and will be euthanized by the ranch. …WS will trap to radio collar and will monitor the situation unless more depredations occur. [No mention made of ‘euthanizing’ the wolves…]


A sheep producer on a remote [5 miles from a road] Forest Service allotment had his sheep band tested by wolves on the 29thth but his herder and dogs drove the wolves off. On the 30th the wolves returned and killed his border collie. His guard dog was badly wounded and is now missing. WS headed to the area in the Gravelly range NE of Dillon, MT and confirmed the wolf attack and a dead herding dog. It doesn’t appear that any sheep were killed either night. WS set traps and will attempt to put collars on this pack, to determine if this is a new pack or if it is the existing Freezeout pack and ‘hopefully’ drive them from the area. The producer drove up that night and gave the herder another guard dog. He was issued a special take permit to take up to 2 wolves in the act of biting, grasping, or wounding his sheep, horses, or livestock herding or guarding animals on that allotment. [Note: What if there are more than two wolves involved in the attacks? Remember, he can only shoot 2!]


On the 27th, a rancher in Paradise Valley reported that wolves killed a calf near the Sheep Mountain pack territory. WS confirmed the loss of the calf to wolves and the Sheep Mountain pack was located via telemetry very close to the depredation site. Wolf 334 was previously located by aircraft several times in the cattle and was in cattle during a confirmed depredation. WS was authorized to remove wolf 334 and did so on the 31st.


… visited a landowner in the Boulder area E. of Livingston, MT on 9/1 after receiving reports of the Moccasin Lake pack harassing cattle on FS allotment. A meeting to discuss wolf issues with project personnel and landowners in the area was discussed but no date has been set. The landowner has a shoot-on-site permit for his private land..


WS examined a calf west of Kalispell on the 27th on a forest company allotment and confirmed that wolves were responsible. This is an area north of the Fishtrap pack and south of the Wolf Prairie pack. WS will try to harass wolves out of the rendezvous site and away from the cattle.


A landowner in the Ninemile Valley called to report that a wolf just went thru an electric fence [provided a couple of years ago by Defenders of Wildlife after several other llamas had been killed] to try and kill some young llamas. The llamas scattered thru the back side of the fence. The landowner shot several times in the air and drove the wolf back thru the electric fence. The fence had just been checked and was in good working order. About 3 weeks prior to this incident another wolf came into the yard before being [driven] off by shotgun blasts as well. The landowner could hear other wolves howling about a mile away. A shoot on sight permit was renewed for the landowner. Jack Bucklin will begin trapping in the area to radio collar one of the Ninemile wolves and monitor the situation. WS will assist when trapping has ceased west of Kalispell.


WS specialist from the Dillon, MT area trapped a member of the Battlefield pack on the 31st, but couldn’t locate it. He is used his dog to trail it but with no luck that day. The control action [collar and release on site] was in response to a confirmed calf depredation last week. WS continued to search and found the yearling male on the 1st. He was in good shape and was radio-collared and released on site. [radio-collared and RELEASED on site, AFTER A CALF DEPREDATION. Huh? What’s WRONG with this picture?]


Two wolves [52 lb pups] were killed near Dubois, WY under a private land shoot-on-site permit. At least 7 calves have been killed by these wolves this summer. The Washakie pack presently consists of 7-8 adults and 4-5 pups. On the 1st another calf was killed by the Washakie pack on a Forest Service allotment and WS was asked to remove 3-5 more wolves from that area.


A lone wolf that killed a calf on an public land grazing allotment near Kemmerer, WY around the 23rd, and was just been monitored to see if it stayed in the area or killed more livestock, was confirmed to have killed another calf on a public land grazing allotment on the 1st. WS was asked to lethally remove it. [Note: No mention made if this wolf was ‘lethally removed’.]


… The Service's weekly wolf report can now also be viewed at the Service's Region 6 web site at http: // . This report is government public property and can be used for any purpose. Please distribute as you see fit.


Contact: Ed Bangs 406-449-5225 x204 or” (Note: This language deception expert has job security as one of his top priorities; like many other federal employees, he is totally averse to removing wolves and keeping other states from having them ‘re’ introduced. It would mean that the days of, as quoted above ‘helicopter gunning’, would be numbered, and it would mean that landowner ranchers would regain their economies. In keeping with the ‘Plan’, in the minds of such employees, that must not be allowed to occur.)


For proof of how far removed from reality some folks’ ideas of wolves are, here’s a University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) student’s “partial fulfillment” of the requirements for her Ph.D., 128 pages in length and titled: “As the Den Turns: Pack Status as an Emergent Property of Interpack Mating Alliances and Occupation of Territory among Wolves in Yellowstone National Park, 1995-2000”. It illustrates how distanced some members of the public are from the real nature of wolves.


Natural Resource Alternative Dispute Resolution


Seeking Interest-based Outcomes [emphasis added]... Good people sometimes have honest disagreements over what's right or what needs to be done. Sometimes, these disagreements generate more heat than light as tensions and bad feelings escalate. However, shouting matches and expensive courtroom confrontations produce more losers than winners; in fact, they are often a waste of everyone's time and money.


Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, is a strategy for producing winners by avoiding unnecessary conflict. [emphasis added] ADR simply encourages people to sit down and talk and listen to each other. The ultimate goal is to have everyone agree on a course of action that is fair and workable. Common sense, persuasion, and good-faith compromise are the keys to reaching a solution. [emphasis added]


ADR in the Bureau of Land Management The Bureau of Land Management works with lots of different people -- cattle ranchers, coal miners, hikers and mountain bikers, and county commissioners, to name a few -- as it does its best to meet everyone's needs in managing over 264 million acres of public lands across the West. Disagreements are common among the many publics the BLM serves and even within the Bureau itself.


ADR can be used when livestock ranchers and mining companies or environmental groups don't see eye to eye, or when BLM employees feel they have been discriminated against because of their age or race. Anytime people find themselves in conflict, ADR can help bring people together to create a sensible outcome.


Vision Statement: The BLM (people, work force, organization, and culture) will value resolving issues and disputes through alternative dispute resolution philosophies and processes (alternative dispute resolution) rather than through confrontation, appeals or litigation.


Success of this effort will be demonstrated by an increase in customer trust and a significant increase in resolving conflicts prior to appeals or formal litigation. However, BLM recognizes that appeals and litigation may be necessary to establish case law and resolve ambiguities in the law.


Policy Statement: The BLM recognizes the benefits of utilizing alternative dispute philosophies and processes (alternative dispute resolution) to build trust relationships between the public and the BLM and to reduce the cost of conflict resolution. Therefore, the BLM will use alternative dispute philosophies and processes, when appropriate, in handling issues and disputes. Every BLM regulation will contain a requirement to provide for the use of ADR procedures.


BLM's NRADR Tool Kit document is available in PDF format (approx. 4 MB). A CD-ROM containing the NRADR Tool Kit and the Acrobat Reader software can be obtained by contacting Paul Politzer: or 202-452-0349. He can also be reached by mail at: U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management LS 1050, 1849 C. St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20240.




I am submitting my Official Public Comments on the Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’ by mail, in hard copy form, but am including all known methods for others to comment:


Written comments may be submitted to:


ODFW, Information and Education Division
3406 Cherry Avenue NE

Salem, OR 97303-4924
Fax: 503-947-6009

Questions regarding the rulemaking process or the draft ‘plan’ may be directed to ODFW by calling Craig Ely at 541-963-2138 or Anne Pressentin Young at 503-657-2000, Ext. 285.


In ODFW’s own words: “Due to the current success of gray wolf reintroduction by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in central Idaho and Yellowstone National Park, the numbers of wolves and the range they cover are expanding.”


The number of wolves has more than trebled (and has likely increased four- or five-fold in the years from 1998-2003. There are few states where wolf ‘re’ introduction is admitted, but many states where credible witnesses (read: future victims) have proven that wolves have been loosed. Unofficial as it is, the fact remains that the benevolent/malevolent federal employees are determined to provide themselves with ‘job security’, and their apparent immunity from prosecution for such crimes as the criminal destruction of property that large predators cause renders said employees of such a mind set that they closely resemble schoolyard bullies: on steroids.


In my considered and studied opinion, here are the only locations where the Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’ should be found: