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December 1, 2004
By Barb Hall
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What's New:

12/01/04 - The push is on in Congress to reform the Endangered Species Act during the 109th Congress.  And Environmental groups are fearing the next four years of the Bush Administration.  House Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo, R-Calif., is seeking the backing for his legislative efforts from Arnold Schwarzenegger and other Western state governors during a meeting this weekend of the Western Governors' Association.  Pombo's committee passed bills this year that would change the 30-year-old act by requiring peer review before a species can be listed as endangered and allowing critical habitat to be designated for species only when "practicable."

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, and Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, chairman of the subcommittee with oversight of the endangered-species law, have also said reform is a top priority for the 109th Congress.  U.S. Sen. Craig Thomas, R-WY., a member of Crapo's committee, has sponsored legislation to change the law for a number of years. He said the Bush administration was under such intense scrutiny from environmentalists during its first term that Endangered Species Act reform wasn't a top priority, but that could change during President Bush's second term.


Henry Lamb, the founding Executive Vice President of the Environmental Conservation Organization, Chairman of Sovereignty International, and publisher of eco-logic, and eco-logic on-line has written "Rural cleansing... The ESA in the 109th Congress" that is a must read for grass root groups and points out that "We need to reshape the debate to focus on recovery, rather than listing, as the measure of success of the ESA."


More good news is coming out of Washington, D.C. this week concerning the governments Northwest Salmon Plan.  NOAA Press Release: Revised biological opinion for <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 /> Columbia , Lower Snake River dams issued today


And a link to the  Final FCRPS BiOp on Remand issued November 30th 2004.<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />


Bush to dramatically reduce areas protected for salmon ( 12/01/04 ) Seattle Times


Dam removal isn't an option under Bush's plan ( 12/01/04 ) Seattle Times 


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Coalition backs feds on hydro-fisheries plan (12/01/04) Bend.Com


NOAA releases final dams and fisheries plan (11/30/04) Bend.Com



The October/November issue of a Portland, Oregon published magazine called Salmon Trout Steelhead appeared an article called "Fish versus Farmer"  and written by Don Roberts.  As Dan Keppen, Executive Director of the Klamath Water Users Association stated, "Sometimes, the critics of Klamath Project farming are so vehement in their views, that their sputtering rhetoric, presented as is, without commentary or response, best shows the outside world what our irrigators are up against. Undoubtedly, the "article" / "editorial" (you decide) is one of the nastiest and [most] flawed we've seen in the past few years." 


Several Klamath Project landowners couldn't let this article stand without a response. 


Find farmer Steve Cheyne's and our own Barb Hall's response on our You Need to Know - A History of the Klamath Water Crisis



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