My comments/concerns for the 'socioeconomic workshop'
May 7, 2004
By Julie Kay Smithson
London, Ohio
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Subject: My comments/concerns for the 'socioeconomic workshop'
Please be sure that both Willie Etheridge and Dave Beresoff have the opportunity -- before the 'socioeconomic workshop' -- to view at least one or two articles from my Fisheries button at that tie the ever-increasing strangulatory regulations and prohibited fishing areas directly to The Wildlands Project and global resource control issues. If at all possible, please have someone read my comments to the attendees of this workshop, as well as make sure that my comments become part of 'the process' used for 'management' of our fishing resources.
Here are my concerns and comments regarding 'social and economic issues' regarding commercial fishing families, their associated industries and fishing communities. They are made after more than five years of studying all the facets of property rights and resource providing from the viewpoints of a researcher, consumer and country person.
The issues facing commercial fishing families, their families and fishing communities are the same as those being faced by the farmers/irrigators of the Klamath Basin of Oregon/California.
They are exactly the same as those faced by ranchers in New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona.
There is no difference between their concerns and those of mining and oil exploration companies seeking to responsibly extract oil and gas from American soil/ocean floors.
These Red Flags and alarms are the same as those of thousands of communities across America that have been/are being devastated by 'habitat' for whichever poster 'endangered species' is currently in vogue.
They mirror the concerns of those working folks that should be able to off-road, sport fish, ski, snowmobile, horseback ride, camp, boat, etc.
This is the same boat we're all in, folks.
The same Trojan Horse is crashing America's gates. It is disguised as 'environmentalism' or 'conservation', ostensibly to 'save' 'for future generations' a myriad of species of flora and fauna that Gang Green/Greed litigates like ambulance chasers 'on behalf of.' Really? Future generations of what?
Certainly, these resources being locked away from all use or access by us is NOT saving it for OUR 'future generations' -- in fact, the intent is to remove all resource providing from America, shipping it to foreign countries that are having their resources -- including their 'lower wage' working people, also known as 'human resources' -- pillaged and plundered in order for the upper crust to make every more profit and exert ever more Control.
This is the gutting of America, of her very heart, soul and backbone: her working people, her resource providers.
While it may seem hard to believe -- that a group of very wealthy and powerful people are bent upon the destruction of our Constitutional Republic -- the fact is, there are and they are. Denial won't change things. Open-eyed perspective and knowledge, will.
Networking and recognizing that we ARE all in the same boat will be our saving grace -- but we must muster that effort. We cannot continue to remain in separate camps, posturing about sport fishermen being different from commercial fishermen being different from farmers, from miners, from ranchers, from timber harvesters, from recreationists. We ALL love America, the America that we want to leave to our children and our children's children's children.
Through our complacence, we have almost let our freedom get away, robbed from us by a small group that intends and is implementing 'whatever it takes' to steal our Republic. They have almost been successful, putting our Republic on a precipice from which it totters, leaning ever further when the 'divide and conquer' bunch dupe us into taking guilt trips for not 'protecting and restoring' better. In FACT, we have learned through trial and error ways in which to live WITH flora and fauna and have cleaner air and water, more productive and fertile soils and more than ever, the ability to truly BE 'sustainable' -- although those pushing this agenda, this Trojan Horse, of feudalism.
If you think I'm wrong, please consider what percentage of the resources you use, actually originate in America, produced by Americans.
If you think I'm 'all wet,' consider how long you'd get to keep your farm/ranch/fishing boat/logging truck/home if you stopped paying taxes. The milking of the cash cow that is the 'middle class' is preparatory to the 'rural cleansing' of that cash cow. Our middle class -- those that make up the true backbone of America -- is in real crisis of 'going missing'.
What can we do about it? We can talk across the imaginary differences that we have perceived. We can stand up with our fellow resource provider, even though we may know little about his/her profession. I need not be a logger to understand my need for toilet paper and firewood. I need not be a commercial fisherman to comprehend my need for food/seafood. There's no need for me to be a miner to realize the fact that I need minerals and gas to live.
This is vital to us all; I ask that you visit today and familiarize yourself with the others that are in this boat with you and your families and your communities. We need each other to survive this many-faceted attack on our very existence!
Thank you,
Julie Kay Smithson
London, Ohio
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From: Jerry Schill
May 7, 2004
Subject: Weekly Update: 5/7/2004

MARINE FISHERIES COMMISSION will conduct their next meeting May 11th thru the 14th in New Bern at the Sheraton and the Riverfront Convention Center. 

May 13th beginning at 8:30am, DMF will hold a socioeconomic workshop next door to the Sheraton at the Riverfront Convention Center. Discussions will focus on social and economic issues facing fishermen, their associated industries and fishing communities and using this info in developing management strategies. Willie Etheridge and Dave Beresoff will be giving a commercial fishing perspective.

For the complete agenda of the MFC meeting:

COMMENTS/CONCERNS WANTED! Dave Beresoff and Willie Etheridge will be offering their perspectives on the plight of the commercial fishing families. If you have specific concerns that you think should be presented or addressed at the workshop, please call the NCFA office or respond by e-mail to

For more information on any item in this Weekly Update, please call 252-633-2288.