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Wyoming Cattle Rancher's Thoughts on Canadian Border Reopening and Reasons 12-31-04
Ranchers, beef industry celebrate long-awaited U.S. border re-opening 12-31-04
Canada Finds Suspected Case of Mad Cow 12-31-04
Top 10 Conservation Groups 12-17-04
Trade organization slaps sanctions on American exports 11-29-04
WTO approves trade retaliation against U.S. 11-29-04
WTO approves trade retaliation against U.S. 11-29-04
Ancient bison done in by climate, not hunters 11-29-04
Valley secures about $10 million for projects 11-29-04
MHC - Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. 11-21-04
Americans flock to Canada's immigration Web site 11-09-04
Japan to Resume U.S. Beef Exports Halted by Mad Cow 10-24-04
U.S. attorney: Al-Qaida source warns military about McAllen company 10-04-04
Mexican official seeks open border 10-04-04
A Definite Land/resource Acquisition and Control Intent, complete with grant funding and lots of partners 09-27-04
Sustainable Oil? 08-30-04
Group seeks to purchase and protect islands 08-17-04
The Festering Problem of Indian Sovereignty 08-17-04
Supreme Court to review tax status of Indian land 08-08-04
Trade Group to Cut Farm Subsidies for Rich Nations 08-08-04
NAFTA Tribunals Stir U.S. Worries 07-20-04
Canadian cattle trade urged to resume 07-20-04
Border Patrol Agents Slam Alien Amnesty 07-15-04
Opinion Editorial - Press Release 07-15-04
Seattle labeled 'hot spot' for human cargo 07-14-04
Weyerhaeuser sets demolition of Ontario mill, to auction medium machine 07-08-04
My Official Public Comments regarding the "South Dakota Prairie Dog Management Plan 06-27-04

Memorandum to 

Governmental, Affiliate, Contributing Members and Committee Chairs  05-16-04

International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Strategic Plan 05-16-04
More than 160 Members of Congress Take a Stand For the Nation's Wildlife 05-16-04
Foreign Companies Buy Mining Rights on Public Land in U.S. 05-12-04
Officials considering plan to create a natural barrier to curb beetle infestation 05-10-04
PM's plan pushes UN to sidelines 05-10-04
Stockgrowers Urge USDA to Keep Canadian Border Closed 04-12-04
Smart Growth Network State By State and International Headlines 04-08-04
Tre-Arrow, eco-terrorism suspect, captured 03-30-04
Immigrants given another chance for amnesty under expired federal program 03-29-04
Soldier using military experience to expedite citizenship process 03-25-04
Government implements new guidelines for sponsoring immigrants 03-25-04
Manitoba to sue North Dakota over water diversion 03-11-04
The Howling 03-01-04
Environmentalism is big busine$$ 02-09-04
Trust for Public Land and Potlatch Agree to Protection of Critical Forestland Near Brainerd Lakes 01-27-04
New WTO ruling on lumber favors US 01-21-04
Newfoundland community worried about wolves in residential area 01-11-04
'Bombshell' PCB finding worries fish farmers 01-10-04
Beef ban causing backups 01-07-04
Why no boycott where ... cougars kill? 01-06-04