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Wyoming Cattle Rancher's Thoughts on Canadian Border Reopening and Reasons 12-31-04-
First Contracts Issued for Environmentally Responsible Computer Disposal Throughout Federal Government 12-31-04
Media Linking Killer Tsunami to Global Warming 12-31-04
Ranchers, beef industry celebrate long-awaited U.S. border re-opening 12-31-04
Ohio's Regula raises ire in West over park fees 12-31-04
Federal Response to Ocean Commission's Final Report on Ocean Policy 12-31-04
Regarding "Invasive Species" and Trojan Horses 12-31-04
Executive Order 13112 12-31-04
The Return of the Wolf 12-28-04
U.K. Freezes Assets of Group Linked With Saudi Exile Al-Faqih 12-28-04
A Way To Save Farms 12-28-04
OTHER VIEWS: Turning the tables 12-28-04
SS3.21 Deconstructing Rivers 12-28-04
The Wayback Machine 12-17-04
President Bush Signs Historic Measure to Provide Key Steps for Indian Trust Reform 12-17-04
Terry Love's Consumer toilet reports 12-17-04
Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes to Sign Annual Funding Agreement for National Bison Range 12-17-04
Your 'Alphabet Soup' for the Day 12-17-04
Top 10 Conservation Groups 12-17-04
Maplewood State Park getting notoriety for cougars 12-17-04
Boy Scouts banned on bases 12-17-04
Egypt, Israel, U.S. sign historical trade agreement 12-17-04
New program allows rain forest lumber 12-17-04
Panama Canal Authority and the Nature Conservancy Partner to Conserve Canal Watershed 12-17-04
The Nature Conservancy Contributes to $10 Million U.S. Debt-for-Nature Swap 12-17-04
OPEC to cut production by 1 million barrels per day (bpd) 12-17-04
File 13 the best place for ANY 'Fee Demo' bills or funding - Your tax dollars ... at play? 12-12-04
Study: English preferred by Hispanic kids 12-12-04
Diamond Bar Cattle Company 12-12-04
Senators Urge Bush to Improve Border Security 12-12-04
Bush Homeland Security nominee Kerik withdraws 12-12-04
Nobel first for African 12-12-04
Chesapeake Bay, Bay of Bengal: Two Bays, One World! 12-12-04
Trackside 12-12-04
Coral Reef Damage Rising Worldwide 12-12-04
Service publishes regulations governing revocation of Incidental Take Permits 12-12-04
Taxpayer dollars help fund many environmental groups 12-12-04
Officials seek authority to prevent minors from entering Mexico 12-12-04
Scientists: New treatment can prevent paralysis in dogs 12-12-04
Earth Day 2000: President targets more monuments 12-12-04
BLM whistleblower says he was fired over polluted Nevada mine 12-12-04
Men Arrested for Dumping Dirt in a Forest 12-12-04
Court strikes down road hunting law 12-12-04
U.S. Forest Service Surrenders Computers to Marina Point Development Associates Under Freedom of Information Act 12-12-04
Greedy, intrusive government - Taxing and tracking 12-12-04
UN staff cast doubt on Annan support 12-12-04
In the News 12-12-04
Chase Makes $1 Million Grant to National Council of La Raza to Boost Development in Hispanic Communities 12-12-04
Oil prices fall as supply worries fade 12-12-04
Glades holdout granted delay for earthmining permit hearing 12-12-04
Update from the Klamath Bucket Brigade Website 12-12-04
UN panel proposes new vision of collective security 12-12-04
Jury awards $5.4 million to local grower 12-12-04
Homeland security chief Ridge resigns 12-12-04
Latino groups lauds Gutierrez pick 12-12-04
Maplewood State Park getting notoriety for cougars 12-12-04
Trade organization slaps sanctions on American exports 11-29-04
Biographies of Government Officials 11-29-04
General Motors Donates to The Nature Conservancy 11-29-04
Clinton's 1.7-million acre monument at Court of Appeals 11-29-04
Foreign Interest Appears to Flag as Dollar Falls 11-29-04
WTO approves trade retaliation against U.S. 11-29-04
Firefighter pleads not guilty to setting fires 11-29-04
Ancient bison done in by climate, not hunters 11-29-04
Valley secures about $10 million for projects 11-29-04
Chocolates make the best cough syrups! 11-29-04
MEGAVOTE (Congress) 11-29-04
Plenty more fish in sea: Survey 11-29-04
Right of 'eminent domain' challenged 11-29-04
Forest Service must reach out locally, new chief says 11-29-04
California will sue to block Sierra national forest plan 11-29-04
Pivotal Cape Wind Farm Report Looks Favorable 11-29-04
Grand Canyon Flooded to Restore Beaches 11-29-04
Pacific Lumber opens first major California sawmill in a decade 11-29-04
Granules that stop bleeding popular with U.S. troops 11-29-04
Notice of Availability of a Draft Environmental Assessment 11-29-04
Niobrara Council short of funds for preservation deals 11-29-04
ARCADIS Awarded Contract to Provide Mitigation for 70-acre Wetland 11-29-04
Hanel mill works again 11-21-04
Students stumble upon immigrants during cleanup 11-21-04
Comment period opens on Estates restoration project 11-21-04
Delay sought for catch of bluefin tuna 11-21-04
PLF Launches Sweeping Lawsuit Challenging Critical Habitat for 48 Species in California 11-21-04
Project Proposal Guidance for FY 2000 and Beyond 11-21-04
"Treatment-as-a-State" Regulation 11-21-04
Wisconsin wants tribal water ruling reconsidered 11-21-04
MHC - Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. 11-21-04
Scorched-earth policy continues in northern California 11-21-04
Survey of Fire Safety Experts Finds Improved Planning 11-21-04
DNR biologist tells Iowans to be unafraid of mountain lions 11-21-04
Grants, Grants, Grants, and More Grants 11-21-04
Border Patrol agent faces drug trafficking charges 11-21-04
NM State Brand Board Meeting Report 11-21-04
Spurred by Incentives 11-21-04
The old mass media has no pants 11-21-04
Opinion: EDITORIAL: Endangered weeds 11-21-04
My Official Public Comments, Roadless State Petitions, USDA Forest Service & Bosworth 11-21-04
Bush nominates Gonzales 11-21-04
Ashcroft resigns attorney general's post 11-21-04

My Official Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’ Comments 11-20-04

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John McCain's 'Global Warming' Hearings Blasted by Climatologist 11-20-04
Jesse James Hardy vs. The United States of America 11-20-04
Recreation Fee Demonstration Bill Passes Congress 11-20-04
Endangered fly impedes repair of Colton road 11-20-04
Hating those who serve us: 11-20-04
The Heavy Hand of Redevelopment 11-20-04
Forest Service hears county's frustration 11-09-04
Deportation for Drunk Drivers Limited by U.S. Supreme Court 11-09-04
U.S. Forest Service Employees, Other Conspirators Sued by Marina Point Development Associates under Federal Anti-Racketeering Act 11-09-04
U.S. Judge Halts War-Crime Trial at Guantanamo 11-09-04
Stickers Put in Evolution Text Are the Subject of a Federal Trial 11-09-04
State of emergency in Iraq, borders closed 11-09-04
Prop. 200 had Hispanic support 11-09-04
Americans flock to Canada's immigration Web site 11-09-04
Washoe County Ordinances (excerpt): Bill No. 1429 11-09-04
Volunteers restock vegetation along river 11-09-04
OSCE observers view U.S. electoral reforms as work in progress 11-09-04
Mining News: A New Way to Make Copper 11-09-04
Report warns of larger impact on Arctic from human-made warming 11-09-04
Green indoctrination on Kerry's agenda? 11-02-04
Feds visit, launch attack on invasive species 11-02-04
The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) 11-02-04
Ecoregions of the United States 11-01-04
Guardian Unlimited G2 – Operation Clark County 11-01-04
Land-use restrictions may face court battle 11-01-04
My Official Public Comments on the Draft Conceptual Restoration Plan for Whitewood Creek and the Belle Fourche and Cheyenne River Watersheds, South Dakota 11-01-04