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President Bush Signs Historic Measure to Provide Key Steps for Indian Trust Reform 12-17-04
Diamond Bar Cattle Company 12-12-04
NM State Brand Board Meeting Report 11-21-04
Opinion: EDITORIAL: Endangered weeds 11-21-04
Washoe County Ordinances (excerpt): Bill No. 1429 11-09-04
Land-use restrictions may face court battle 11-01-04
A New 'Campaign' 10-24-04
Hardy seeks extension 10-15-04
Judicial slap to Patriot Act 10-04-04
Panel approves land-use package 10-04-04
PLF wins landmark property rights case in California Supreme Court 09-27-04
Procurement Letter 09-23-04
Bat Management Upheld by Court 08-30-04
Home ownership challenged 08-25-04
"Survey SAYS...!"Trackside 08-25-04
Land-grab vote stalls 08-25-04
'Land for pensions' offer 08-25-04
Sheriff Warns Hage of Possible Cattle Confiscation and Arrest 08-25-04
New Jersey's Trail of Travail 08-17-04
Florida Man in Holdout with Authorities to Keep Swampy Home in Everglades 08-17-04
Dispute over Pilgrims' camp takes an unneighborly turn 08-17-04
Wrangell - St. Elias News (WSEN) 08-17-04
Judge clears way for vote on Unity growth ordinance 08-17-04
At last, a property rights victory! 08-08-04
Murphey takes a stand for Gila ranchers 08-08-04
Presidential Candidates top Freedom 21 Conference 08-03-04
Treat citizens impartially 07-31-04
Landmark Eminent Domain Abuse Decision [UNANIMOUS!] 07-31-04
Treat citizens impartially 07-31-04
Yukos oil flow might stop this week 07-31-04
Government rethinks environmental policies 07-30-04
Capitola Council Downsizes New Homes 07-30-04
My Letter to the King County, Washington, Council, and its "Critical Areas Ordinance", or CAO, which is strangulatory zoning 07-30-04
What do Terri Schindler-Schiavo and Jesse Hardy have in common? 07-08-04
Parkway residents could lose money, attorney cautions 07-08-04
Keep out: Glades settler dreads showdown with state over land 07-07-04
Private Property May Become Preserved 07-07-04
Murphey takes a stand for Gila ranchers 06-22-04
The Slander of Jesse Hardy and Property Rights 06-14-04
Be It Ever So Humble, It's Taking on Florida 06-12-04
Land Use Plan Aimed at Northern Greenville County 06-10-04
An Outline of American History 06-10-04
The Plan: Part of a much bigger Plan... 06-08-04
Constitutional Primer #7 06-08-04
Texas agency backs owners in land case 06-06-04
Hardy says he didn't OK any deal with state 05-30-04
Article #1: State, Hardy reach tentative agreement on land buy 05-30-04
A Taking of Trees (Citrus Canker Story) 05-26-04
The Fennell Method 05-29-04
It is about Principle: The Jesse Hardy Story 05-26-04
DEP proposes land swap, money 05-26-04
Proceedings delayed for Hardy property 05-16-04
Summary - Gauley River Access Meeting 05-10-04
Man won't sell paradise parcel 05-10-04
Fight for Everglades land enters 6th round 05-10-04
A reinvention of Florida's Panhandle 05-09-04
Patricia Saye Update 04-17-04
Indians file huge land claim 04-17-04
Proposed land-use changes outrage landowners 04-17-04
United Nations ponders Net's future 04-13-04
OLF (Outlying Landing Field - U.S. Navy) study panel hears residents 04-13-04
Wildlife would benefit from Young's GO Act 04-08-04
Stop the FTAA! 04-03-04
Tinley Park police violate family home 04-03-04
Talk of water rights turns heated 03-31-04
Property Rights Radio Show you can listen to on the Internet 24/7 03-30-04
DES proposes use restrictions around Bellamy Reservoir 03-30-0
Residents of Houston Neighborhood Organize Against Townhouse Developers 03-30-04
Anti-fill amendment being discussed 03-29-04
Utah Lake boundary puts bay on private land 03-26-04
Fight over Utah Lake shore access resumes 03-26-04
Private land not county's sphere 03-26-04
Tim Giago, Oglala Lakota, for United States Senate 03-26-04
Property rights activist visited by the FBI 03-13-04
Ninth Circuit Grants Pilgrim Family's Appeal 03-13-04
Lakewood Voters Pass Issue 10 03-11-04
Local Planning Agency conducted a public hearing 03-11-04
Bush reshapes environmental debate 03-02-04
Eminent Domain 03-01-04
Landowner infuriates neighbors 02-23-04
Property rights: not just for the rich 02-23-04
Go Public With How We Pick Park Board (Viewpoint) 02-23-04
One state agency suing another 02-23-04
Homeowners worried 02-16-04
Housing project wins OK 02-12-04
Property Rights Case Law Summaries 02-09-04
Summary of the Laney's Private Property Rights In the Diamond Bar and Laney Ranches 02-09-04
Housing Hurdles 02-06-04
Public Comment Number One (There will be more) on the MCTA EA 02-04-04
Bill Gates buys property surrounding his estate to preserve family's privacy 02-01-04
Diamond Bar Herds Face Removal Starting Feb. 7 02-01-04
Understanding "Fee Lands" and Vested Water Rights 02-01-04
Lose your property for flying US flag? 01-22-04
Property Rites 01-22-04
Property 'rights,' Scottish style 01-22-04
Town bans War Tributes on Public Property 01-22-04
Washington state resident's poignant and detailed request for help; please 'cc' me if you can help him. 01-16-04
Hawker deluged with irate e-mails 01-16-04
SJRWMD rebuffed in appeals court 01-06-04
Diving Banned in Alabama and Georgia? 01-06-04
Seeking closure - Laguna Vista garage law raises a rancor 01-06-04
Seeing the forest behind the agencies 01-05-04
Blue fights off gator to save his fallen owner 01-05-04
We stood up, spoke out, didn't back down and won! 01-05-04
Forest Guardians covet grazing lands 01-03-04
Struggle over Clean Water Act persists 01-02-04