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Federal Response to Ocean Commission's Final Report on Ocean Policy 12-31-04
SS3.21 Deconstructing Rivers 12-28-04
President Bush Signs Historic Measure to Provide Key Steps for Indian Trust Reform 12-17-04
Terry Love's Consumer toilet reports 12-17-04
Panama Canal Authority and the Nature Conservancy Partner to Conserve Canal Watershed 12-17-04
Chesapeake Bay, Bay of Bengal: Two Bays, One World! 12-12-04
Update from the Klamath Bucket Brigade Website 12-12-04
Jury awards $5.4 million to local grower 12-12-04
Grand Canyon Flooded to Restore Beaches 11-29-04
Project Proposal Guidance for FY 2000 and Beyond 11-21-04
"Treatment-as-a-State" Regulation 11-21-04
Wisconsin wants tribal water ruling reconsidered 11-21-04
WRAS – Watershed Restoration Action Strategy 10-15-04
A Definite Land/resource Acquisition and Control Intent, complete with grant funding and lots of partners 09-27-04
EPA Brownfields Grants for Low-Income Communities 09-27-04
Hungarian invention offers water solution 08-25-04
Technical Support Document - TSD 08-17-04
Endangered Species Act Sparks Battle 08-17-04
More farmers lose water; others, defiant, keep pumping 08-17-04
Tribes win new clout in Arizona 08-08-04
Clean Water Letter 07-30-04
Water Privatization in Africa 07-20-04
Drinking rocket fuel 07-20-04
USDA announces $26 million project to restore wetlands 07-08-04
Roads Less Traveled 07-08-04
Water Forum: Water Management 07-08-04
Judge hears arguments against state over seized cattle 07-08-04
Resources Committee to hold ESA Hearing on The Klamath Project 06-27-04
Judge hears arguments in Reno courtroom on Hage’s ‘takings’ case 06-14-04
From New Jersey's current governor 06-12-04
Federal law hurts industries, panel told 06-10-04
U.S. Department of the Interior Water Acquisition Program 06-08-04
Tulelake groundwater tapped by Bureau 06-06-04
Workman abandons claims to eight roads 05-26-04
Man won't sell paradise parcel 05-10-04
EPA wastewater fees stink, Downstate senator says 05-09-04
Volunteers plant over 4,000 trees 04-19-04
Suburbs threaten Ohio creek 04-19-04
The National Irrigation Water Quality Program (NIWQP) 04-17-04
Mexico's flood-preventing measure will benefit Rio Grande conditions 04-17-04
Cost of compliance 04-17-04
There Ain't No Free Water 04-08-04
FS plans wilderness land exchange, purchase, easement 04-07-04
Muddy Waters 04-03-04
KWUA to Host Public Information Meeting 03-31-04
Talk of water rights turns heated 03-31-04
DES proposes use restrictions around Bellamy Reservoir 03-30-0
[Austin City] Council [located in Travis County] approves 236-acre purchase 03-29-04
Anti-fill amendment being discussed 03-29-04
Farms, businesses, cities face water cutoff 03-29-04
Utah Lake boundary puts bay on private land 03-26-04
Fight over Utah Lake shore access resumes 03-26-04
KWUA "Weekly Update" for March 12, 2004 03-13-04
Private water firms might tap bond funds 03-11-04
'Stormwater Management Authority' and the New World Order 03-11-04
Manitoba to sue North Dakota over water diversion 03-11-04
The Lake Apopka Agreement 02-26-04
Bill would restrict limits on land uses 02-23-04
KWUA /  "Weekly Update" 02-16-04
Pennichuck Seeks Declaratory Judgment on Eminent Domain Law 02-15-04
Restoring a Damaged Estuary 02-12-04
Property Rights Case Law Summaries 02-09-04
KWUA "Weekly Update" 02-01-04
Understanding "Fee Lands" and Vested Water Rights 02-01-04
Idaho irrigators gird for battle 01-22-04
Separating People from Their Water 01-22-04
Response to President Bush's State of the Union Address 01-22-04
Mexico Transfers Water to US 01-21-04
Poisoning begins on Cherry Creek 01-07-04
Hutchison writes letter in support of weir project 01-06-04
SJRWMD rebuffed in appeals court 01-06-04
Key permit approved for Brownsville weir 01-06-04
Elbow room for Missouri's great rivers 01-06-04
Diving Banned in Alabama and Georgia? 01-06-04
Ducks Unlimited works to restore wetlands 01-06-04
Outdoors: Wetland areas provide wildlife habitats and more 01-06-04
Wastewater, nature coexist on farm 01-06-04
Indians, environmentalists challenge water-bottling plan 01-03-04
Starr County farmer recalls changes 01-02-04
Federal Scientists Favor Fish Over Farmers, Shippers and Consumers 01-02-04
Judge rejects linking Idaho water with Columbia River salmon issues 01-02-04
Struggle over Clean Water Act persists 01-02-04