Grand Manan wants out of protection plan
August 23, 2004
CBC News
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Saint John,   The Grand Manan Village Council says the province's plan to protect shorelines will hurt the island's economy.
Two years ago, the Lord government started consultations about a Coastal Areas Protection Policy.
The village council has now sent a letter to the Premier asking for a complete exemption.
Council says the island is too dependent on fishing and development restrictions will only hurt its business.
Janice Harvey, an environmentalist with the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, disagrees.
"I really don't think they have anything to worry about. I think the policy is structured to account for water-dependent uses where there is economic activity that has to have access to water," she says.
"The purpose is to protect the land, the coastline, the water quality, to prevent erosion and habitat destruction within that very critical and sensitive coastal zone."
Village Councillor Mark Ingersoll -- -- argues the language in the new policy is too vague.
While the policy has not yet become official, the Department of Environment hopes to have it in place this fall.
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