Division of Realty, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 
" ... dedicated to acquiring the land base necessary to protect diverse natural communities, as a part of the National Wildlife Refuge System."
About the Division of Realty
The Division of Realty supports the acquisition and management of Service Lands utilizing the Migratory Bird Conservation and the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The Chief of the Division is the Secretary of the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission and the Division serves as staff to the MBCC. The Service's Chief Appraiser, Chief Surveyor, and the Branches of Acquisition Management and Operations make up the Division of Realty. 
Develops and implements National Guidance for the Service's land acquisition program.
Coordinates with other divisions/offices of the Service on regulations affecting the control and disposition of Service lands.
Provides assistance to the public on national land acquisition issues.
Reviews and analyzes legislation pertaining to Service land acquisition.
Provides policy and guidance associated with acquisition of interests in land through lease, purchase, exchange, donation, withdrawal from the Public Domain or by management agreement.
Coordinates and prepares reports associated with the real property utilization surveys,disposal of lands or interests therein including rights-of-way, revenue sharing payments and lands under control of the Service.    
Coordinates transfer of surplus real property to the States, approval of exchanges.
Coordinates land acquisition planning using the Service's Land Acquisition Priority System.
Requests Congressional approval of reprogramming of funds, over-appraisal acquisitions.
Coordinates the presentation of land acquisition proposals to the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission.
Responds to external inquiries on national land acquisition issues. 
Coordination of Service-wide cadastral survey programs to insure that the seven Regional Offices have the technical expertise and personnel to accomplish their Regional responsibilities. 
Serves as the technical expert on all relevant boundary issues on all Service lands. 
Serves as the FWS consulting specialist for the cadastral survey program regarding Federal, State, Tribal and private entities activities.   
The Appraisal function within the Fish and Wildlife Service has been transferred to the Department of the Interior's National Business Center. 
A final announcement of the transfer was made by Secretary of the Interior Norton on November 12, 2003. 
Provides technical expertise and national leadership in all matters that relate to the cartographic requirements and responsibilities of the Division of Realty. This includes all spatial data products, policy, systems, and procedures produced and maintained by Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Land Information System (LIS), and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies.
Responsible for the maintenance of the hard-copy permanent master land status atlas for all lands administered by the Service.
Represents the Division of Realty and is the Service data steward for the development, maintenance, and oversight of national policy and standards on all spatial data matters and products that relate and pertain to land interests, acquisitions, status, and ownerships administered by the Service.
Represents the Division of Realty and is the Service representative on national level intra-agency and inter-agency mapping and spatial data forums and committees. Serves as the Data Steward for the land boundary digital data set. 

Newly Established Refuges:

Baca National Wildlife Refuge

Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge

List of New Refuges Established Since September 30, 2001

New Information:

FY 2006 Land Acquisition Priority System List


2003 Annual Report of Lands

2003 Profile of Land Protection Actions

Director's Order 164 -Wetland and Grassland Easement Acquisition Policy

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