Online Store Adds Many New Items; Effort for Property Rights and Resource Providers enters Sixth Year
February 28, 2005
By Julie Kay Smithson
Here's the place to go: 
Three dozen great new items have been added to my Online Store, while some items (calendars) have been reduced to their wholesale cost and a few items (coffee cup and large stein) have had their logos made larger. Please note that proceeds from sales go to help offset the costs of running but that the main focus is to get the logo/website URL 'out there' in the world for more people to see, so there is only a one-dollar markup on items.
There are new contacts seeking information on the Nature Conservancy; they are told about my TNC button and Judy Keeler's website:
The latest regulatory nightmare to come down the Congressional pipeline is "invasive species" which use Language Deception to gain acceptance. This is why the first quiz on "invasive species" was composed and shared; we all must learn more about what, if legislated in existence through a piece of must-pass legislation like the transportation bill, will make the nightmares of the Endangered Species Act look like child's play.
Folks from all facets of resource providing continue to turn to me and my website for help in getting their truth out 'to the world', and over 4,500 first-time visitors each and every day discover -- the average length of time spent at the site is now 75 minutes, so the importance of the information provided there cannot be overstated. Over 120 buttons provide the meat of truth to those hungry to learn and disillusioned by the 'empty calories' of much that passes as 'news.'
Researched, verified information -- always with contact information added to empower the reader to get involved and to share the truth with others -- is sent to more than sixty lists at no charge. My efforts are made with the only cost being donations from those who are helped.
This entire effort is made to help others, but it took the place of the former 'real, paying job' almost five years ago; I am dependent upon your donations to keep remain solvent. It doesn't take much, but it does take something to keep the utilities on and food on the table. If you are able to do so, I ask you to consider donating something to this cause that benefits you and the property rights, freedom and resource providing that you hold dear.
The amount is not nearly as important as the donation itself. There were just two donations received in the month of February, and I am most grateful to the two folks that donated, but there needs to be more of a flow of donations, please! Others need to step up to the plate and send something -- and you know that not a dime is wasted.
Thanks in advance for your support, through donation and/or online store purchase!
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