You've Been Duped!




May 7, 2005



By Mary F. Stump


Naples, Florida


Politicians spent your $4.95 million to buy the Jesse Hardy homestead. It was reported that the entire region would be flooded. Jesse had to go.


They were proven wrong. Jesse’s land is high ground.


They proclaimed his land as part of the Everglades Restoration Project. Wrong again.


The Everglades is 30 miles east of Jesse.


Their next announcement: “His land is the 'hole in the donut.'”


This must be a new Jeb Bush Florida Statute: Take a man’s land if it is any part of or in or around the pastry -- for the 'public good,' or in this case for a World Heritage Biosphere, United Nations agenda.


The enviros intend to kick in (destroy) the canals, but intend to build new ones -- job security?


Here are a few responses from four separate offices, each of whom transferred my call to other departments within the state and its Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) when I asked the question, “What constitutes environmentally sensitive land?”


1.  “This is not a term used by Department of Environmental Protection”


2. “Where did you hear that phrase?”


3. “It depends on your location.”


4. “There is no answer to this question.”


5. “It depends on the grids.”


Or put another way, “What is the square root of four?”


Answer: Blue!


Non-answers are the reading requirements in Environmental Protection Agency Community Culture and the Environment workbooks.


To perpetuate environmental endeavors, solutions to problems must never be justified. If science and truth become part of "the plan," remedies would be found and "environmental" jobs eliminated, plain and simple.


Jesse didn't want the money. He wanted his land. He wanted his home.


They wanted him off so they could have the whole enchilada -- or in this case, donut.


After the 12-hour negotiations, i.e., browbeating, Jesse gave in. The lawyers, (working to line their pockets), smiled, winked and skated away with plenty.


And the environmentalists made yet another announcement: “You most likely won't see any changes in the Hardy property for 15-20 years.” The head of Florida's DEP, Colleen Castille, had the unmitigated gall to send Jesse a thank-you note for "his cooperation" … a backhanded slap in the face of this good and honest, simple man.


At 72, Jesse could have lived out his days on his property …


Ask yourself who runs the programs that take property under the guise of "environmentalism:" Kofi Annan, who wants unelected, armed, non-government environmental agencies to become government legislative bodies -- or elected politicians who bend to the whims of Kofi’s army? The answer is not the American people.


It's called "environmentalism" -- but what it really is, is Control: control of the land, the water and the people: us.


Guess who's been duped ... again...


(Hint) The word starts with a "t" and ends with "axpayer."


"Where poverty is most severe, government owns the land and the resources." - Henry Lamb article, UN Reform: The Road to Global Governance, April 4, 2005,