Life -- for those deemed worthy -- ditto for liberty, and the pursuit of all the marbles
June 23, 2005
By Julie Kay Smithson
Terri Schiavo's dehydration murder on March 31, unlimited imprisonment for many not even charged with crimes -- and conversely, no time behind bars for those guilty of crimes against the sacredness of life and property rights, i.e., freedom -- and greed gone mad.
Three rings, all right, but it's no circus.
Is this 2005, or have we, like Alice in Wonderland, stepped through the looking glass and landed smack dab in the middle of the Book of Revelations?
So few dare call the perpetrators traitors.
Merriam-Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines traitor: One who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty.
Example One: Florida's governor feigns helplessness while a man kills his wife before the eyes of the whole world by having a blind judge sanction removal of all hydration.
Example Two: Ohio's governor Taft squirms like an earthworm suddenly pulled from the damp, dark earth and tossed onto a summer sidewalk. He pretends to know nothing about the hundreds of millions of dollars "lost" in ill-gotten gains by a high-risk stock broker, while Ohio's bureau of workers' compensation and school pension funds are sacrificed on the altar of greed. He has regularly dipped into the taxpayers' pockets to fund his trips -- for not one or two, but 35-50 golf outings.
Example Three: The highest court in the land has snatched the marbles of property rights from those who worked hard to own their own homes -- and handed all the marbles to "the nimblest bribers."
Greed brooks no interference, though it is the worst addiction of all.
Every warning about opening Pandora's Box has been proven true -- including how difficult it will be to get the lid back on once it's been pried off.
America's raiment of freedom is being stripped from her and the thieves are gambling on it, all the while professing to be at the foot of the cross.
They are, in fact, at the foot of the cross.
The storm clouds are gathering; a chill wind will soon blow.
Soon it will be dark at midday and they will flee in abject terror from the bitter fruits of their labors.
Good will win and Satan will lose, but so many still follow the wrong leader.
It is such a simple choice -- you can only follow one leader.