Tank Man in Tiananmen and Susette in Ft. Trumbull
July 4, 2005

Messrs. Goebel, Wronowski, Brooks, Penn, Foley dba New London Development Corporation and partnered with the state of Connecticut, Pfizer, Inc., New London, Connecticut as per http://www.nldc.org/aboutus/nldc_org_par.htm; "development partners" HOPE, Inc., Eastern Connecticut Housing Opportunities ("ECHO"), Alderhouse Residential Communities, and New London Development Corporation; "Community Partners" Pfizer, Inc., Pfizer Foundation, 

Citizens Bank, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, Frank Loomis Palmer Fund, City of New London,

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development [HUD], Connecticut Light & Power, Liberty Bank, Dime Savings Bank, Fleet Financial Foundation, Bodenwein Charitable Foundation, New London Adult & Continuing Education, and Fannie Mae as per http://www.nldc.org/housing/house_nl.htm:


165 State Street, Suite 313


New London, CT 06320




Fax: 860-447-3833



To the Attention of all above-named parties/partners/legal entities:


Susette Kelo, a lady blessed with veracity and unswerving protective nature, reminds me of the lone student standing resolutely before four tanks in Tiananmen Square in June 1989.


She also reminds me of a champion cutting horse in action, though what her efforts seek to keep separated is good from evil rather than a calf from the cows.


In either analogy, Susette Kelo is right. She has no trouble seeing that tearing down eighty homes in order to build eighty homes is WRONG. This is something that an overwhelming majority of people also understand. The trouble lies with the few who have sacrificed that wrong for the furtherance of their own goals. This treachery builds upon sand rather than the solid rock of a Constitutional Republic. It can come to no good in the end, for it never used good in its stratagem.


It is now globally known that the United States 'Supreme' Court has 'ruled' -- in Kelo v. New London -- in favor of you and against the homeowners, led by Susette Kelo.


It is also now globally known that the specter of greed has officially been 'sanctioned' by a majority of the 'high' court of the United States of America, and that the 'average Joe' now finds that he resides on what he once thought was his home, but has actually been 'transformed' into a banana peel.


My efforts are to help others on the topics of property rights and responsible resource providing. These efforts lead me to study, in great detail, what makes things tick as they relate to these two topics.


Quoting this URL/website http://www.nldc.org/business/fttrmbll.htm and possibly authored by Jennifer C. Wronowski, "Fort Trumbull Project Manager/Chief Financial Officer": "One of the biggest and most exciting developments in New London’s history is well underway in the Fort Trumbull area of the city. The 90-acre peninsula surrounding the historic Fort Trumbull on the Thames River shoreline is being redeveloped into a vibrant commercial and residential area that will be an “anchor” for a new and improved New London. The successful completion of the Fort Trumbull Project will lead the way for the New London Development Corporation to achieve our goals of a higher tax base, more jobs, and a higher quality of life for all who live and work in New London. A catalyst for the development of the Fort Trumbull area is the newly completed Pfizer Global Research & Development headquarters, which opened in 2001 on property that once was a neglected brownfield along Pequot Avenue. Pfizer's $300 million, 790,000 sq. ft. facility creates opportunities for the development of complementary facilities and services that will serve both corporate and employee needs. With more than 2,000 employees working in the facility, the direct economic impact to New London and to Connecticut is huge -- up to $12.6 million annually in new taxes to New London and more than $25 million every year in new state taxes. Since early 2000, the NLDC has managed implementation of the Fort Trumbull Municipal Development Plan (MDP) in area adjacent to Pfizer’s headquarters. The plan calls for the development of a hotel and conference center within walking distance of the Pfizer facility and the development of a bioscience research park that could accommodate Pfizer research partners and industry-related businesses. The first phase, completed in mid-2001, featured $12 million of infrastructure work including two major roundabouts, one of which forms the entryway to the Pfizer Global Research & Development Facility. In addition to street improvements, infrastructure reconstruction in the Fort Trumbull area includes new water, sewer and underground utility lines; new sidewalks and streetlights; and an extensive landscaping program with new tree plantings to screen out the upgraded regional wastewater treatment facility. The City of New London and the State of Connecticut have made significant improvements to the wastewater treatment facility itself, significantly reducing odors and improving the appearance of the plant through site clean-up, fencing and new landscaping. The Municipal Development Plan also provides for the development of 88 units of housing, retail and commercial space. Much of this private development, including the hotel and conference center, is included in a development agreement with Corcoran Jennison Companies, an experienced and well-regarded Boston-based developer with a strong track record. NLDC is currently managing construction of the second phase of MDP infrastructure, including all new streets and utilities serving the 25-acre Corcoran Jennison private development site. Additional phases of development activity will be undertaken over the next three years. One highlight of the Fort Trumbull Municipal Development Project is the opening of the new 16-acre Fort Trumbull State Park, which included the restoration of a historic “third system” fort structure constructed in 1852. Used as a fort as early as the American Revolution, the site served as the marshalling area for Connecticut enlisted men during the Civil War and the home of the Coast Guard Academy in the early 20th century. In more recent times, the site was home to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), which developed some of the world’s most sophisticated electronic and sonar technologies used in submarine systems and for intelligence gathering during the cold war. Adjacent to the Fort Trumbull State Park is the proposed site for the new 50,000 sq. ft., $40 million National U.S. Coast Guard Museum. The museum will permanently house an extensive collection of maritime art and Coast Guard artifacts, feature interactive displays, and celebrate the history of the Coast Guard dating back to the earliest days of the republic. Additionally, a Riverwalk is being constructed along the entire length of the area’s waterfront connecting to a walkway system that continues through the downtown and up to the northern edge of the city. The landscaped walkway will be able to accommodate both pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The total projected State of Connecticut investment in the Fort Trumbull Municipal Development Project is $78 million, the City of New London’s investment is an additional $4 million, and federal EDA funding is $2 million. State and local funds for the wastewater treatment plant project completed in early 2001 totaled $11.2 million. Private investment within the MDP is expected to be an additional $180 million. The work of changing the face of the City is well underway. While a number of development decisions and significant work lie ahead, the transformation of Fort Trumbull has begun. Years of planning are materializing, and the exciting results at Fort Trumbull are only the beginning."


I have added red bolding to the language deception in the above quote to clearly illustrate the language deception that is running rampant in the publicly posted "information" regarding this Ft. Trumbull "project."


It is my studied opinion that, were the general public to learn of the Trojan Horse being pulled through the gates of cities and towns nationwide -- under the guise of "transformation" -- this house of cards would collapse upon itself. Those driving this deception care not for the homeowners living in Ft. Trumbull -- the "New London Development Corporation" "partners" wield a mighty, money-backed steamroller with which they fully intend to flatten mere middle class homeowners and erase them as easily as the lines on an Etch-A-Sketch. Each of the homes of the "partners" is not targeted and therefore is perceived to be immune from the steamroller. In the material world in which these powers reside, this fight being waged by a few homeowners who cherish property rights -- and the Founding Documents that expressly grant these rights and protect them -- may be deemed comic, a David and Goliath scenario. Goliath has even turned the principles of a majority of the 'highest court in all the land.'


How can puny David -- Susette Kelo and her handful of neighbors -- possibly resist such a behemoth?


The court of public opinion has convened. People in every state in America and every country around the world now know the courage, intestinal fortitude and unwavering patriotism that holds Susette Kelo upright and keeps her centerstage. In a real-life drama that is being played upon the historic lands of Ft. Trumbull, Connecticut, Susette plays the lead role that she never sought to play and never wanted, but cannot refuse.


Susette Kelo has something -- an intangible but palpable something -- that none of the New London Development Corporation or its "partners" possess. For all their combined power and "wealth building" agendas, they lack the cognizance that what made, and makes, America great, is not to be found in any stock portfolio or bank vault. Susette Kelo, hardworking, honest woman that she is, has earned and tasted freedom. She knows its flavor and its cost. She knows that freedom cannot be separated from property rights, for it is one and the same.


Like a growing number of people, Susette Kelo has more patriotism and moxie in her little finger than the whole lot of machinators. Ordinary folks who have worked hard to buy/build and own their own homes are mice that roar. David continues to face Goliath. A place of undeniable honor in history is theirs. That being said, no matter what happens from here out, NLDC "partners" have ultimately lost, failing the test that could have labeled them Americans rather than globalists.


May Susette and her neighbors triumph in the physical sense, as well as the moral one, a victory that they have already won.
Julie Kay Smithson
London, Ohio
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