Remember property rights on Chincoteague - Opinion

(Note: This is an excellent piece, well thought out and succinctly written!)

August 6, 2005

By Lee Scheeley 

Chincoteague, Virginia

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I guess by now all of the local and summer people have read all the negative letters about the new development going on on Chincoteague. 

I'm sure there are some local people who agree with them, but have you noticed they are mostly written by people from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other areas? 

I wonder if these folks ask permission when they want to sell their property or if they feel they have a right to do what they "legally can" with it. 

I also would like to know if we slam the door before or after they get here. 

It appears as if their cars do not create traffic, their families do not over populate and although they are outsiders, they "deeply care." 

Please allow me to explain some things. The land being developed is private property and the owners have a right to sell it. This island is the commercial arm of Assateague Island (a National Refuge), which is public. That's the next island over and it's where we keep our beach. 

The new motels and townhouses that have been built in the past few years are beautiful and a plus to the town. My hats off to the builders -- good job! 

For those of you who are "dismayed," "disappointed" or see a "slippery slope," I would suggest you look a few miles to the south, to Northampton County. 

They don't want anything new down there and the county wall is not yet completed, so you can probably still get in. 

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