Governor approves permit over DEPís objections

(Note: This is the same Colleen Castille that was so horrible to Jesse Hardy. She is a Wildlands Project implementer.)

November 16, 2005

By Bruce Kendeigh

Saint Augustine, Florida

Excerpted by permission, The Brevard Insider

Malabar, Florida

To submit a Letter to the Editor: 

You may remember our story; we have been trying to get a permit to cross fifty feet of swampland, which records say the state does not own.

After twenty-six months to the day, we met with Governor Bush and the Cabinet at their meeting on November 8th, 2005, and Governor Bush approved our easement over state (?) land for our dock permit!

Governor Bush asked Colleen Castille, DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) Director, if she "planned to fight him for our easement," and she replied "No, sir."

She did recommend denial, of course.

There are three, possibly four, state agencies that are not very happy that we've aired their dirty laundry ... the state email copies we obtained under the Public Information Act have been extremely harmful to these bloated / tenured bureaucrats.

The emails ridiculed our efforts, and were hurtful also. 

The Little Guy CAN win!

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