Salmon, suckers lose



March 28, 2006


By Julie Kay Smithson

Property rights researcher


Headlines boast of court-ordered plans to take even more water from Klamath Project farmers.

Catch is, readers are seeing only the bait -- "endangered species."

The Hook is the intent to land a place for the Klamath Project -- in a history book.

Trolling for readers, major news sources dive to the bottom and report what they find there. At the surface are those raising crops that feed people and make hunger endangered. At the surface is the fact that a negligible amount of water is used to produce this miraculous bounty from a place that never realized its potential until a hundred years ago.

Those with no license to do so, slander the honest folk of the Klamath Project on a daily basis, then visit a grocery store or restaurant and munch what was raised here.

The way some find fault with Klamath Project farmers and irrigators, you'd think there was a  tournament quota to be filled.

Salmon lose while print media continue to unwittingly pretend the sucker is special and somehow sacred. That's no bull, but it is a cash cow for some.

Meanwhile, upstream, Klamath Project farmers continue to swim against the Wildlands Project tide.


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