Quoth the Craven: Nevermore



April 12, 2006


By Julie Kay Smithson, property rights and resource providing researcher propertyrights@earthlink.net



My inspiration: "Salmon angling on Columbia River closes Friday"  http://www.wweek.com/story.php?story=7426 (Willamette Week)

One definition of Craven is Cowardly, as are most smoke-and-mirrors deceivers.

It is of interest to see factions pitted, one against another, in the age-old "Divide and Conquer" ploy. Truth is, it is All for A Few -- and Nothing for Everyone Else. Grind Farming to a halt here. Decimate Logging there. Use a "poster species" that is suddenly "threatened" or "endangered" to make American Self-Sufficiency run aground on the rocks of Deceit. 

Neither Farmers nor Fishermen, neither Loggers nor Ranchers, neither Miners nor Recreationists, are planned for the future "vision" of the Klamath Basin ... or anywhere else in America.

All resources are to be rigged -- "managed" (controlled and owned) by the government.

This includes farmers AND fishermen. All lands and waters -- and everything above and below them -- are regulated. Only those "allowed" or "permitted" will utilize resources. Human Resources are included. This includes those currently munching the bait (example: We will still "allow" recreational fishing, non-motorized access, low-impact recreation, etc.) and thinking that, despite the looming storm cloud, they and their favorite recreational pursuit will be "permitted" to escape the sanguinary "decision makers."

Spain and Wood, Naess and Foreman, Suckling and Turner, Murdock and Pianka, Rothschild and Rockefeller -- atop their self-perceived "food chain" -- intend to exploit the resources of the world, because they intend to Control the resources. Of virtually no importance are America's resource providers, because "developing countries" are targeted for exploitation, from their natural to their human resources. Property rights are important still, but those that have grown complacent by the blessing of owning property are at imminent risk of having those rights taken by those infected with the incurable addiction called "gang greed." Using "the environment," "conservation," etc., as their smoke and mirrors, another description might also be apropos: "gang green." Certainly, something is rotting in this agenda that offers up fourteen generations of a Constitutional Republic at the altar of Control, telling the rest of us, whatever we're doing, to Stop That!


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