U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's California and Nevada Operations Website Up and Running
(Note: Why would this federal agency include the Klamath Basin in its "California and Nevada Operations," when most of the Klamath Basin is in Oregon? This announcement pretends that these Wildlands Project, resource-stealing and resource provider decimating actions are said to be "local level," which couldn't be further from the truth. The "decision-making" is happening in locations that are far, far from the Klamath Basin, California or Nevada, on that you can safely bet. Language Deception runs amok.)
May 9, 2006
Department of the Interior
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
California/Nevada Operations Office
2800 Cottage Way, Room W-2606
Sacramento, California 95825
Alexandra (also known as "Alex") Pitts, "Assistant Manager for External Affairs" alexandra_pitts@fws.gov or 916-414-6619/6464; Fax: 916-414-6486 
The California and Nevada Operations office has launched a new website that will highlight the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's activities in the two states and the Klamath Basin and provide a resource for regional
information on wildlife refuges, fisheries, and endangered species.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s California and Nevada Operations “The Service established the California and Nevada Operations Office (CNO) in 1998 in recognition of the unique natural resource challenges facing California, Nevada and the Klamath Basin.


Many of these challenges evolve from the inherently rich biodiversity of this area, coupled with many of the fastest growing communities in the Nation.


Through the CNO, decision-making is placed at the local level, where managers are in a better position to develop partnerships with external groups and organizations.”


The news media, political offices, partners and public in California and Nevada and the Klamath areas are encouraged to periodically check http://www.fws.gov/cno to quickly access the latest activities and actions in the region.


California and Nevada Operations related news releases will now be found at the site's ‘newsroom’ http://www.fws.gov/cno/news


All visitors to the website may also elect to automatically receive CNO news releases through the list server at http://www.fws.gov/cno/News/listserve.htm