Prayer Request for Wayne Hage and Family



(Note: Wayne Hage is ill with cancer and both he and his entire family are in great need of your prayers. Not just a Nye County, Nevada, rancher, Wayne is also one of the greatest property rights warriors to ever live. He and his beloved wife, Helen, and children Wayne, Ruthe, Ramona, and Laura, along with his late wife, Jean, have fought long and hard, not only for their own property rights, but for everyone else's, as well. Please pray for this family!)


Happier Days: Wayne and Helen Hage, 1999.


May 15, 2006

Dear Members,

As a great supporter of my father, I felt that you should know some difficult news our family is facing.

Over the past few months, my father has been fighting an aggressive case of cancer. When he first learned of the disease, he did what he has always done in the past, during the difficult times of his life: place the problem in the hands of God.

I admire how well he has faced this challenge. Throughout this journey, he has repeated to us all: If God wants him to continue here in this physical life, then no power on this earth can take him away. If God wants him to leave this life, then no power on this earth can keep him here.

Over the next few days, we will be taking Dad back to Pine Creek Ranch where he so longs to be, in the comfort of his family and friends, and on the land he loves more than any other place on this earth.

We continue to work with the medical information we have, and continue to keep this matter in the hands of God and trust His way. We also would appreciate your prayers. Dad has always believed the power of prayer is the strongest tool we have been given to help us in life. Your prayers for this great man at this time would be greatly appreciated.


Margaret Hage Byfield


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