Wayne Hage Sr. Passing: December 21, 1936 - June 5, 2006
Wayne Hage at home in Monitor Valley, Nevada.
(Note: The high country of central Nevada has lost the earthly presence of its best friend and champion. It is my hope that everyone reading this will take a moment to reflect on the greatness of spirit unmatched, the courage and the will that made a home in the most rural of places, and the faith in God that guided Wayne to leave his beloved home and travel extensively to help others fight for their property rights. Digger may now get to come in the house, but he, too, will know that the mighty physical presence has gone, though the almost tangible spirit lives on at seven thousand feet. May the pines spread the word of his passing to the cattle he raised. May Table Mountain and the Toiyabe keep his private side private as the seasons change and the years pass. May his grandchildren know the ranch he loved and choose to fight for it as his children have. May his two special wives know peace as they knew his love -- quiet and strong and always there, encircling them. Dick Carver, his friend and fellow property rights warrior from Round Mountain, has welcomed him Home!)
June 5, 2006
By Jeannie Voigts roany@gbis.com
Nevada Live Stock Association
Pine Creek Ranch, Nye County, Monitor Valley, Tonopah, Nevada - We are sorry to inform everyone of this sad news.
Wayne Hage, Sr. has passed into glory this afternoon, Monday, June 5, 2006.
Please pray for strength, comfort and peace for the family.
They are trying to make arrangements for a possible memorial this coming Saturday (June 10th); Ramona (Hage Morrison) will keep us informed.
May God rest his weary soul.