Helen and Wayne: Together again
October 3, 2006
By Julie Kay Smithson propertyrights@earthlink.net
Pine Creek Ranch, Monitor Valley, Nevada - Where once two peerless patriots lived, we mourn but Heaven rejoices, for these are two of God's most special children, together again, never to be parted. Hallelujah! The words to a special love song fit: "Once upon a time, the world was sweeter than we knew; everything was ours, how happy we were then..." - from Once Upon A Time, words by Lee Adams; music by Charles Strouse. Their time together was short, but concentrated with a love and intensity few experience.
I once wondered if our founding fathers were keenly aware of their opportunities and the times in which they lived, and I longed to have been part of the creation of our Christian Republic. Now I have a special opportunity, not unlike those I for which I once yearned. It is a certainty that Helen and Wayne felt this way, too. They were both true statesmen.
Both appeared predestined for activism, though neither expected to achieve greatness. They simply were born in a time and place ripe with opportunity, and neither flinched, but took up the harness with strength of character and the courage of their convictions.
The trail they blazed, which leads to protecting property rights and freedom, was dim and faint when they took this "road less traveled." The trail trees they left behind are easily seen, from the years of effort involved in Hage v. U.S., which left the grave of Wayne's first wife and the mother of his five children, Jean, to the Protecting Your Property Rights seminars they held to help map the way for others. Helen's son and daughter also knew the tremendous efforts of their mother.
Helen was a dear personal friend, as was Wayne. We are all better for Helen and Wayne having lived. The torches they carried have now been picked up and will be carried on by others. We will not let them down.