Mourning Congressman Helen Chenoweth-Hage


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Congressman is not a typo. Helen Chenoweth-Hage refused to be referred to as "Congresswoman". She served in Idaho's 1st Congressional district from 1995-2001. She pledged to serve three terms, and although she felt the term limits pledge was silly, she kept her word. She died in a car accident yesterday.

While I read almost none of today's media, almost all of which is devoted to attacking Republicans and conservative principles, I did hear about her death.

I did not agree with all of her positions, but I always admired her independence, her tenaciousness. She was the heart and soul of the Wild West spirit which we are missing in politics today. Can you imagine her in the era of Youtube, in a world where one tiny comment out of the PC realm is hustled at Youtube and used to pummel a politician into submission?

Please may we have a moment of silence for her family and other loved ones.