Immigrants are draining U.S. social programs




November 19, 2006



By Tom Rapacki, Mayor, Hazleton, Pennsylvania and 



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America is not a bottomless pit of social programs designed to be drained by illegal immigrants.

At the close of the 19th century, migration to this country was at its peak. Those arriving from many cultures around the world brought with them a dream of American brotherhood to contribute to the development of this great country on its way to becoming an industrial giant. Spoken language was a problem for those arriving, but they managed to conquer that liability without the desire to make English, the language of the land, a second language.

The only reception on hand for these future Americans were politicians and recruiters looking to sign them up as voters and soldiers.

There were no social services available at that time, no housing placement, no welfare assistance, no health care provided, nothing but a drive to be part of a growing nation.

Today's immigration is more about a desire to take part in an already-made country with many social programs that will provide for both legal and illegal immigrants.

Politicians today value their vote and dollar more than the security of people and this nation; the past actions of the Bush administration demonstrate that point clearly with the open borders.

Social programs have been put in place since the Great Depression of the 1930s with the birth of Social Security and the National Recovery Act designed to put Americans to work street cleaning, dam building and working in mostly federal construction projects.


More programs

As Americans became employed, they paid into the Social Security fund to be drawn up at retirement age. As that program grew, so did the population and spin-off programs, but all workers paid into that fund. Later came the unemployment benefits as a spin-off from Social Security.

All these programs developed from the taxes of working America to be available when needed.

A number of years ago, the only problem facing America was the government's so-called borrowing from the Social Security fund to balance the national budget, when, in fact, it never repaid the fund.


Funds shrinking

Today, those funds are shrinking more each year as illegal immigrants flood this country, freely seeking employment and much-needed social programs that are nonexistent in their country, where the Mexican government failed its people in every way, including employment and social programs.

The drain on America's programs is at its critical stage, with increasing numbers seeking a better way of life, resulting in funding not being in place for senior citizens who need it, and for younger Americans who are in dire need of assistance.

Immigration must be controlled or it will become a disaster for us all in many ways.

If any American politician speaks up on this issue, he or she is at once labeled a racist in conduct and not an advocate of immigration in any form. So be it.

The Boston Tea Party was not popular with the British, either.

Strong legislation is needed from every level of government, from Washington to local governing bodies, to solve this major internal problem for America.


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