Legal immigrants and illegal aliens


November 19, 2006


Letter by Nelson Wester, Southborough, Massachusetts

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I was struck by the claim in Miryam Wiley's Saturday, November 11, column that immigrants triumphed by the recent election of candidates who were "pro-immigrant." Presumably, then, there must also have been candidates who were "anti-immigrant." I would ask Ms. Wiley to identify those candidates who put forth or supported proposals to deny rights to any immigrants to this country, whether citizens or legal residents.
I doubt that she can or will, as she consistently and deliberately fails to make the distinction between immigrants and illegal aliens.

The distinction Ms. Wiley should be making is not between those candidates who are pro or anti-immigrant, but between those candidates who support the rule of law and those who blatantly disregard it.

When we refer to doctors, lawyers, plumbers or electricians, we make certain assumptions about the authenticity of their claims to such status. When we think of the long history of immigrants to America (including my father), we make similar assumptions about such status. By perverting the term "immigrant" to include those with no authority to claim the status, Ms. Wiley is guilty of intellectual dishonesty or at the very least, a lack of logic in her claim that there are candidates who are anti-immigrant.
If she is truly making the distinction between candidates who have varying degrees of support for enhanced legal immigration or for programs to be offered to legal immigrants, the clarification would be welcome. Otherwise, let's be open and honest about the legal versus illegal distinction.


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