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The Evolution of property rights 11/24/2006
Chenoweth v. Clinton 10/09/2006
Obituary for Helen (Palmer) Chenoweth-Hage 10/06/2006
PropertyRights Research.org dedicates Special Part of Website to Helen and Wayne Hage 10/09/2006
A Tribute to Helen Chenoweth 10/06/2006
Passing of a Champion of Liberty 10/06/2006
Trying to crucify Helen 10/05/2006
Payments in condemnation bid 10/04/2006
Website Updates 10/01/2006
Woman at center of eminent domain case visits New Hampshire 09/30/2006
Public tells its concern on fly 09/30/2006
Madison wolves targeted for death 09/23/2006
The Director's Orders Home Page 09/22/2006
The Beef About the Brand 09/20/2006
Washington State's Capitol Terrorized by Masked Domestic Terrorists 09/16/2006
Hunting for Access 09/16/2006
[Texas] Attorney general sues to stop business's land protection claim 09/16/2006
NPS access handbook an outrage 09/13/2006
Website Update and Article Info, September 4, 2006
Hunting 09-01-06
Wolves as Real Estate Agents: Proof Positive 09-01-06
Loose dogs not at fault 08-29-06
Development buffer sought at [Fort] Hood 08-29-06
Sizing up the dragon's 'miracle' 08-27-06
My Official Public Comments 08-26-06
Website Update and Article Info, August 25, 2006
The Life of The Rileys? 08-24-06
Settlement details released in eminent domain case 08-23-06
The Shifting Sands of the Clean Water Act 08-22-06
Eminent-domain fight ends 08-19-06
Greenhut: A view to kill property rights 08-13-06
Court bars Wisconsin from killing gray wolves 08-11-06
Rural property rights 08-09-06
Website Update and Article Info 08-02-06
Cattle Producers Ask Defense Department to Withdraw Expansion Plans for the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site 08-07-06
What, exactly, are Public Lands? 07-31-06
Court Decision Lifts Endangered Species Act Threat to Rights of Way Across Federal Lands 07-30-06
Judge hears arguments in Reno courtroom on Hage’s ‘takings’ case 07-27-06
Homeowners win eminent domain fight in Norwood 07-26-06
USDA Forest Service Sourcebook of State Groundwater Laws in 2005 07-10-06
For some owners, eminent domain strikes twice 07-09-06
Ground Water Law in South Dakota 07-09-06
HP property rights in Ink 06-23-06
Old Ranchers 06-22-06
"Sue" ownership court opinion 06-18-06
The Nature Conservancy Supports the Big Darby Accord 06-14-06
Opinion: Journey Through Hallowed Ground no threat to property rights 06-14-06
Joan Baez Does Property Rights 06-09-06
Wayne Hage, 69; Battled Government on Land Rights 06-09-06
E. Wayne Hage Obituary 06-08-06
Drovers Animal Identification Directory 06-08-06
Nevada came to Ohio 06-08-06
Sagebrush rebel 06-08-06
Wayne Hage, Nevada rancher and sagebrush rebel, dies 06-06-06
WAYNE HAGE 06-05-06
Wayne Hage Sr. Passing: December 21, 1936 - June 5, 2006 06-05-06
City balks at size of pipeline easements 05-28-06
Four Million Milestone Reached! 04-27-06
Legal challenge to Hollywood's seizure of land could jeopardize city agency 04-22-06
Background on the Mims land deal 04-22-06
China must clearly define property rights 04-18-06
Land Grant Libraries and Other Cooperating Institutions 04-01-06
Property rights meaning and more 04-01-06
Bernard H. Siegan, R.I.P. 03-30-06
Farmers snubbed over dog microchips 03-30-06
Water project never happened 03-19-06
Ohio Citizens Group Will Monitor State Task Force 03-15-06
Eyes turn to Sheridan as land law begins 03-14-06
The right and left of property rights 03-14-06
New Castle puts town's wetland areas on the map 03-11-06
Camacho pleads Tiyan case in D.C. 03-07-06

Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions 03-04-06

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ESA Has Always Been About Land Use Control, Not Species Aid 02-24-06
The Great Cuyahoga Valley Land Grab 02-19-06
Pilgrims: Court won't let Pilgrim family drive to its land 02-14-06
California Coast, Now Online 02-04-06
Corporate courage 02-04-06
Hunting debate really about rights of property owners 01-22-06
Bo. W. Thott: December 1, 1915 - December 23, 2005 01-03-06
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