USDA Land Grab: The Grassland Reserve Program

(Note: This is a land grab / control scheme, nothing else.)

June 13, 2003

From the Federal Register

Highlights of the USDA land-grab scheme ... click on above link for their full story.

1. Two million acres to be enrolled until 2007.

2. Participants may grant an easement to the Secretary of Agriculture or go into a long term agreement to protect and PRESERVE the ecological benefits of the eligible land.

3. Will pay up to 90% of the cost -- but you must give the government an easement on the land PERMANENTLY -- or for 30 years.

4. Clause stipulates that they can make you pay back THE ENTIRE AMOUNT, PLUS INTEREST, if you do ANYTHING contrary to the agreement.

And it gets better.........

5. The Secretary may permit a private conservation or land trust organization or a state agency to hold or ENFORCE an easement. (The Nature Conservancy ... Sierra Club ... Heartwood ... NRCS to tell you what you can do on your land? Ha.)

6. Permission is contingent upon the Secretary having the right to provide 'periodic inspections' and provide ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS.

7. The Secretary is the holder of the easement and may delegate the easement responsibility TO A PRIVATE ORGANIZATION.

8. When the terms are violated, the easement will remain in force. Rental agreements may require a participant to return ALL PAYMENTS RECEIVED, WITH INTEREST.

9. USDA reserves the right to enter upon the easement -- at any time -- to remedy violations.