Idaho Coalition calls for removal of reintroduced wolves - 4 Wolves kill 85 sheep in central Idaho in one weekend: only four of the 55 sheep killed were eaten ... the rest were killed for sport

(Note from RF: A graphic example of "Surplus killing reflex." The Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd has been subjected to this for 8 years. This is why the Yellowstone ecosystem is now a biological desert! Mike Phillips of the "Turner Endangered Species Fund" spoke Friday, October 4, 2003, in YNP. Their organization is promoting "ecological restoration" that calls for sacrificing "abundant species" for the propagation of "threatened species." Were the citizens of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming consulted -- prior to Turners program being imposed on them? Phillips went on to advise sportsmen that they should be satisfied with "the aesthetic and spiritual component of hunting rather than a freezer full of venison." Why is it that legislators and state wildlife officials stand mute as the Turner Endangered Species fund exercises an iron grip over our destinies? Why is it that the Turner Endangered Species Fund has a monopoly over the biology of a federal program? It is ironic that for eight years we were told that wolf depredation has no impact on wildlife. Now that our wildlife is eradicated we are told that "abundant species must be sacrificed" for Ted Turner's vision of how the natural world might have been before white man came here. Ed Bangs made the policy decision to appoint the Turner Endangered Species Fund rather than federal biologists. Why did our state wildlife officials not challenge this? Do our state wildlife authorities have a shared agenda of "ecological restoration," and if so, was it presented to the legislatures? Is it too late to purge our Fish and Game departments of ideologues? We have taped the Phillips speech for upcoming litigation. Three members of our board of directors attended the conference. R.T. Fanning, "Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd, Inc." -- 3,742 members -- P.O. Box 142 Pray, Montana 59065 )

October 4, 2003

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Burgdorf, Idaho - The Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition is pointing to the slaughter of dozens of sheep near Burgdorf as a reason to remove reintroduced wolves from the state.

Sheep rancher Mick Carlson said he discovered last month that 55 of his sheep were killed by wolves, more than a dozen more were maimed and as many as 30 were still missing after a wolf attack.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has confirmed the attack, and Carlson estimates his loss at more than $10,000.

"It is overwhelming to view sheep carcasses and see how cruel and vicious this ordeal was," Carlson said.

He said that only four of the 55 sheep killed were eaten, and the rest were killed for sport.

Fish and Wildlife officials say that until this incident, wolves had killed only a handful of livestock in Idaho, and that wolves kill fewer sheep than other animals such as coyotes, bears or cougars.