Basic Facts

In visiting, I learned quickly that in order to get "Basic Facts about the UN" I'd have to spend $12.50 and order a book from them!

"How much does the United Nations system spend on development? Who coined the term "United Nations"? What is the United Nations doing to fight AIDS? These questions -- and many more -- are answered in Basic Facts about the United Nations, a treasure trove of information about the Organization.

The book reflects the wide range of concerns and the multitude of ways in which the United Nations touches the lives of people everywhere. It details efforts of peacekeeping operations to end some of the world's most intractable conflicts; action to assist victims of disaster, protect human rights and advance international law; and the vast work the United Nations system carries out throughout the world to eradicate poverty and foster economic and social development.... - UN Department of Public Information (hmmm....if it's 'public' information, why does one have to PAY for it???)

At the push of the Welcome button at, you will see a screen open with lots of things ('Peace & Security' and 'International Law' among others) that may make you feel all 'warm and fuzzy.'

On the other hand, you may feel cold and alarmed.  You are asked only to read carefully, be aware of language reengineering and draw your own conclusions!Unit