Farmers and Ranchers: Securing Your Property Seminar registrations and bookings available in 2003

February 11, 2003

Contact: Ramona Morrison

Secretary, Nevada Live Stock Association (NSLA)

Toll-free 1-866-866-2805 or 1-775-424-0570

Nevada Live Stock Association 9732 State Route 445 #305 Sparks, Nevada 89436 775-424-0570 or 775-530-5313

Rancher and property rights advocate Wayne Hage and his wife, former U.S. Congressman Helen Chenoweth-Hage will be giving "Securing Your Property Rights" Seminars throughout 2003.

You or your group can register for or host a seminar and be taught how to protect your property rights.

"In a day-long seminar, we connect the dots by teaching ranchers and farmers what it means to the courts to own "vested" water rights, "fee land" grazing allotments, rights-of-way and patented land and how to protect those rights from unwarranted search and seizures by the federal government. Those in agriculture also need help in understanding how to use the full value of their ranches and farms," stated Nevada Live Stock Association Chairman, Helen Chenoweth-Hage.

"We have the landmark Final Decision in Hage v. U.S., and the recent December 11, 2002, ruling where the court said that Hage did not need a grazing permit to access his vested water rights and forage on his grazing allotments. Now other property owners can reap the benefits of this eleven-year battle," she added.

Bob St. Louis from Elko, Nevada, wrote after attending the Elko Seminar that, "I wish to express my sincere thanks for an absolutely wonderful seminar ... You all have invigorated a bunch of us, and given us hope for the future. For that alone I am extremely grateful."

A review will be given by the Hages of the Hage v. U.S. Preliminary Decision, the January 29, 2002, Final Decision, and the recent December 2002, ruling that a "grazing permit" was not required to access and use vested water rights on fee land grazing allotments.

Questions will be answered about these important decisions that affect farmers and ranchers in terms of property issues, water rights and property valuations.

Local government and state officials are also encouraged to attend the seminar.

Facts will be presented on how to correctly deal with attempted usurpation of your water rights.

Other important topics to be covered:

How to establish title on your patented and fee lands, a key in the success of Hage v. U.S.;

The limits of federal jurisdiction, plus;

Discussion of a recent doctoral thesis regarding proper real estate valuation of agricultural properties, especially water.

The Nevada Live Stock Association is hosting "Securing Your Property" Seminars throughout Nevada in 2003.

"The Hages are members who embody the NLSA standard of improving, sustaining and protecting Nevada's Live Stock Industry. They 'bring home the bacon,'" said David Holmgren, NLSA Vice Chairman.

Please contact Ramona Morrison, NLSA Secretary, at 775-424-0570 or toll free at 866-866-2805 to register or book a seminar for your area.