Foreign food - a threat in many ways

(Note: Ranchers and farmers, you're going to LOVE this powerful educational tool!)

April 17, 2003

By Dave Russell

Crestview, Florida

Four weeks in Mexico brought into focus some nagging concerns I have had for a long time, about the US importing food products from other countries.

First, as we import more and more, there will be fewer and fewer ranchers and farmers that will be able to stay in business. Someday this country, which has the greatest food growing capacity in the world, may become a net food importer. We could someday be dependent on foreign nations for our food supply.

Lack of farming capacity in many countries translates into food shortages. We must not let ourselves become dependent on our food from other countries.

Secondly, I worry about the lack of food inspections in foreign countries. I saw enough of the markets in Mexico to make me wonder about the safety of eating anything they produce, particularly meat products.

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