How To Save Farmland From Urban Sprawl

(Note: This seems to have undercurrents of language deception. Please read very carefully and consider how accurate the 'information' presented really is.)

By the American Farmland Trust

This organization offers technical assistance/resources and protection tools for citizens interested in preventing the encroachment of development on productive farmland and protecting our agricultural resources. They can also provide guidance for landowners and their advisors.

“What is American Farmland Trust?

American Farmland Trust is the only nationwide nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting agricultural resources. Founded by a group of concerned farmers in 1980, AFT's mission is to stop the loss of productive farmland and to promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment.

Every day we lose more than 3,000 acres of productive farmland to sprawling development. Today, more than 75 percent of our fruits and vegetables are produced near urban areas, directly in the path of relentless development.

Every single year, we lose an area of productive farmland the size of Delaware.

Why Save Farmland?

We count on our best farmland to feed America and the world. And we rely on farm and ranch land for much more as well:

· Farmland provides more than 70 percent of the habitat for America's animals. As we lose farmland, our wildlife is in danger.

· Farmland contributes far more to the state and local tax base than it requires in public services. As scattered development squeezes rural communities, we'll continue to feel growing negative pressures on taxes and services.

· America's unique cultural, educational and political institutions arose from our agrarian heritage. As our nation loses its farmland, American traditions are fading away.

· Well-managed farmland protects our soil and water, and preserves America's scenic and historic landscapes. Farmland loss has visible environmental and scenic impacts.

· Agriculture provides millions of jobs both on the land and in secondary services. Farmland protection is an investment in the backbone of our economy.

We're Saving America's Farmland

Empowering communities: AFT identifies "strategic" farmland -- productive farmland threatened by sprawl -- through mapping and other analysis, then works with communities to plan and effect farmland conservation.

Developing fair policies: At the state and national level, AFT partners with other groups -- from farm bureaus to environmentalists -- to develop land conservation tools.

Engaging the public: Using public appearances, publications, media outreach and the Web, AFT builds awareness of the need to protect our nation's agricultural resources.

Working with landowners: Through land protection projects and consulting, AFT works with landowners to protect farmland and to develop sustainable farming practices.

Members: 50,000 members nationwide

Staff: 90

National Office: Washington, D.C.

Applied Research: De Kalb, Ill.

Community, Landowner &Technical Services: Northampton, Mass.

Regional Offices:

· California

· Central Great Lakes

· Mid-Atlantic

· Northeast

· Pacific Northwest

· Rocky Mountains

· Southeast

· Texas

· Upper Midwest”