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Parts of Paul Bunyan State Trail returned to landowners 10-12-03
9th Circuit Court Affirms Lower Ruling In Washington's Methow Valley Irrigation District (MVID) Water Suit 10-12-03
U.S. appeals court backs Nevada water transfer from farms to refuge 10-12-03
Triple jeopardy for landowners 10-12-03
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Derelict Vehicles Tagged For Towing In East Tampa 06-24-03
Western Shoshone Face Seizure 06-13-03
U.S. property laws allow millions to thrive, prosper 06-06-03
Cities seize private land for development, not just public works 06-06-03
Dream of owning land turns sour 06-04-03
Rancher Wayne Hage tells Nevada legislators his side of lawsuit regarding range 06-03-03
Rural Alliance forms to counter claims of environmental groups May 6, 2003 06-02-03
High Court to hear MD-VA Water Case 05-25-03
Playing Against a Stacked Deck 04-04-03
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S. 324-amends National Trails System Act to clarify... 04-03-03
Otter hails markup of House Energy Bill 04-03-03
One step up from renting 03-20-03
Senate poised to vote on huge land grab 03-20-03
Babbitt: Time's ripe for reform 03-17-03
Cabinet defers action on Golden Gate Estates condemnations 03-11-03
NC agency wants river buffer rules made permanent 03-09-03
Land-use plan riles builders 03-09-03
Property Rights: The Key to Freedom, Prosperity AND Equality 03-06-03
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Anarchists 02-24-03
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South Dakota Stockgrowers Legislative ALERT 02-24-03
Trails plan tried at private property forum 02-12-03
House Passes American Land Sovereignty Protection Act 02-10-03
Church Files Federal Lawsuit Against Town Over Zoning Code 02-09-03
Wrecking Property Rights 02-09-03
Ashcroft proposes vast new surveillance powers 02-09-03
In Towns That Slowed Growth, Backlash Stirs 02-09-03
U.S. Agents Seize Horses of 2 Defiant Indian Sisters 02-09-03
Rights Of Way Restrictions Eased 02-09-03
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U.S. set to seize Indian horses on Thursday, February 6, 2003 02-09-03
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When Water Rules Become Land Use Decisions 
New Mexico CYFD 02-02-03
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War on the West: Constitutional Liberties at Risk 01-25-03
Consortium Launched for Interdisciplinary Environmental Policy 01-25-03
Park service employees could be arrested for violating property rights 01-25-03
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Relocation Assistance- Eminent Domain 01-23-03
The Anti-Sprawl Movement: Hazardous to Our Wealth 01-18-03
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Dispute settled between City of Hilliard and New Life Church 01-09-03
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Hunger for Ocean Views Puts Pressure on a Maine Fishing Village 01-07-03
From Human Rights in Australia 12-29-02
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Restoring American's Property Rights: Hage v. U.S. 12-23-02
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seeking land talks

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