Basic Facts
Park plan may be headed for Congress 12-17-03
Playing with For Your Children 12-17-03
Conservationists to restore major Illinois wetland 12-17-03
BLM proposes off-road ban on Badlands desert 12-12-03
IIE's Global Partners: Recruitment 12-12-03
Canada acts to protect 1.3 billion acres of forest 12-12-03
The People's Republic of Eugene, Oregon 12-12-03
Environmentalists finally go potty 12-12-03
Developing Sustainable Communities: The Future is Now 12-06-03
TNC - Great Places: Conservation Year in Review 12-06-03
Re: Your question, "Please tell me why you don't like wolves." 12-06-03
Amid Dying Towns of Rural Plains, One Makes a Stand 12-06-03
Background Paper on Sustainability 12-06-03
Not So Smart Growth 12-06-03
RAAPFAAP - Attn: RIN 1018-AT52 12-01-03
Senate OKs wilderness area 11-27-03
A New Ecowatch Centre opens in Montreal 11-27-03
IJC (International Joint Commission) Welcomes Report Calling for Action to Combat Alien Invasive Species Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans Calls for Immediate Steps 11-27-03
USDA Farm Service Agency 11-23-03
The Wildlands Project: Bold Dream for America's Wildernesses 11-23-03
Turning paper parks into 'real' parks 11-10-03
USDA, Nature Conservancy working to preserve forests 11-10-03
State earmarks Glades money 11-10-03
National park sparks opposition (Congaree Swamp debate) 11-10-03
ENLIBRA: Western Governors' Association 11-08-03
Fox's visit offers hope of ending water divide 11-05-03
Down on the farm no more 11-05-03
DeWine, Voinovich announce funding for the Ohio and Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor 11-05-03
Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia: Mid-Atlantic, Chesapeake News Bulletin 11-03-03
New Jersey News Bulletin 11-03-03
New Hampshire, 171,000-Acre CT Headwaters Now Protected 11-03-03
Weldon and Feeney say, Get out of UN 11-03-03
Bear Attack Leaves Two Dead in Alaska 11-03-03
Reinventing Government 11-03-03
Everglades Cleanup Exposes Environmentalists 10-31-03
Register Now for NCSE Conference 10-30-03
Drought and Water 10-30-03
New Study of Upper Mississippi Region Identifies Priority Places For Conservation 10-29-03
Senate Approves Interior Appropriations Bill 10-25-03
Preserve America Program 10-25-03
Mahogany, Peru & Poverty 10-24-03
Is tourism killing the environment? 10-24-03
Bush's 'spirit' cursed with black magic, tossed into river 10-20-03
Hartwick U.N. experience 'incredible' 10-19-03
Everglades restoration plan gets official start 10-17-03
Eco-space the problem, not the solution 10-16-03
Mexico-to-Yukon conservation proposal unveiled 10-16-03
America's Failing Public School System 10-12-03
Rustling America in Ohio - Land Grabbers 10-12-03
Transformational Education 10-12-03
The Wildlands Project Press Page 10-05-03
Legalizing Mind Control 10-03-03
Turner gives dour outlook of world events 10-03-03
Local Agenda 21 - The U.N. Plan for Your Community 09-30-03
First Lady on Fence-Mending Mission 09-30-03
Conference on Integrated Watershed Management 09-30-03
The UN and property rights 09-30-03
Wildlands gone wild 09-30-03
The UN and property rights 09-30-03
Coyotes and Turkeys and Bears, Oh My! 09-26-03
The [official United Nations] Biography of Kofi A. Annan 09-26-03
Heritage Areas Rear Their Ugly Heads 09-26-03
The Great National Land Grab 09-26-03
Coastal protection plan said too restrictive 09-26-03
Rural towns feel chill of shutdowns 09-26-03
Utah Rural Summit 2003 10-24-03
15,000 Scientists give Global Warming Thumbs Down 09-22-03
EPA Tilt on Global Warming 09-22-03
First UN-run Environmental Office Opens 09-22-03
Congress Pleases the People 09-22-03
Scenic Byway: Trace Elements 09-17-03
WTO Shame 09-17-03
The WTO Kills Farmers: In Memory of Lee Kyung Hae 09-17-03
Citizens of nation-states must be world citizens in era of globalization 09-17-03
ENLIBRA: A Plan to Destroy America from the Inside/Out 09-16-03
International Domination of US Environmental Law and Private Property 09-15-03
Environmental 'Angels' 09-09-03
US turns to UN for help in Iraq 09-05-03
Living with Risk 09-05-03
Discussions aim to repair border water in coming decade 09-02-03
We're getting somewhere 08-30-03
Biologists consider ban on trawling 08-28-03
Avena and Other Mexican Nationals 08-27-03
Television and the Hive Mind 08-27-03
Is Your School's Curriculum U.N. Approved? 08-17-03
Taxpayers Funding Pro-Homosexual, Abortion Pamphlets, Group Alleges 08-13-03
NGOs: More than flower power 08-11-03
Pollution is a form of privatization of the commons 08-11-03
US Congressman Threatens Trade Sanctions Against 'anti-gay' Governments 08-09-03
Resident opposes Fundy Biosphere 08-07-03
Building the Basic Foundations of Global Sustainability 08-07-03
Is Our Heritage Still There? 08-05-03
Photos 12-09-02
Upper Bay of Fundy Biosphere proposal 08-04-03
Congress lets down U.S. 07-27-03
Call for Papers Yearbook of International Environmental Law 07-25-03
Politicians: get educated on designated biospheres 07-20-03
Hawaii Declares Independence From All Foreign Powers 07-20-03
"Power is Water" 07-20-03
Look East, Young Person -- Look East! 07-20-03
Santa Cruz: Fishy Business in the San Lorenzo Valley Water District 07-12-03
Baykeeper trashes fish farm practices 07-12-03
Dispute over habitats for five mussel species 07-12-03
Pleas for help, then death for U.N. workers 06-24-03
Kyoto in trouble in Canada 06-15-03
U.S. Will Pay Increased UN Dues -- Despite All 06-07-03
The struggle for America's soul 06-06-03
Report Calls for New U.S. Oceans Agency 06-04-03
Creeping tyranny 06-03-03
Congressman flies U.N. flag 05-28-03
World Bank demonstrates eco-commitment 05-25-03
U.N. influence in Alabama 05-25-03
Scott County supervisors oppose proposed High Knob recreation area 05-20-03
Entangling Alliances 04-26-01
Gorby's Water fears 04-14-03
Why Does the WTO Want My Water? 04-13-03
International Brainchild 04-12-03
'Smart Growth' an International Ploy 04-12-03
Heritage Area Land Grabs Reappear 04-12-03
Bush Administration Poised To Trade Away Iowa Laws At WTO Negotiating Table In Geneva 04-12-03
An Outpouring of Sympathy and Outrage 04-06-03
North Carolina Biospheres (and more) 04-03-03
In the UNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserves Directory you will find information on all biosphere reserves, using the following facilities 04-03-03
Designation of the Thousand Islands Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve 04-03-03
Entangling Alliances: George Washington vs. the UN 03-25-03
To become law of the land ... Wildlands Project writ large 03-25-03
Could U.N. prestige come with a price? 03-25-03
True Patriotism 03-23-03
Fence to surround United Nations Plaza 03-14-03
Bureau of Reclamation Met With Leary Audience at Public Meeting 03-11-03
Water - scarce commodity? 03-11-03
Water Resources 03-08-03 (Large file)
Summary Report from "Biodiversity after Johannesburg:" 03-08-02 (Large File)
United Nations General Assembly Press Release 03-08-03 (large File)
Resolution By Utah Asking Congress To Get Us Out Of UN 03-07-03
Maine Bill Would Prevent Kyoto Implementation 03-02-03
Move over Constitution, we've got U.N. charter 03-02-03
Dumping the Third World on the West 02-28-03
Transcript of press conference by President of General Assembly, Razali Ismail of Malaysia 02-28-03
Fisheries Subcommittee Examines Progress at 12th CITES Convention: Number of advances for the conservation of marine species 02-28-03
World Bank Stakeholder Survey 02-27-03
Utah to vote on Anti-UN Resolution 02-24-03
The United Nations' Big Green Machine 02-19-03
EPA Compliance and International Agreements 02-14-03
The Pennsylvania DCNR 02-14-03
What Federal Discretionary Grants mean for your state 02-12-03
Trade and Sustainable Forest Management 02-09-03
Building UN Castles in the Sky 02-09-03
Ocean boundaries redrawn 02-09-03
UNEP Looks at Making Green "Cool" 02-09-03
World Court: U.S. Must Stay 3 Executions 02-09-03
Irving Oil supports greenhouse treaty 02-09-03
Governor Vilsack Pledges More Affordable Housing For Iowa 02-09-03
Saving a precious culture 02-09-03
River Owners Balk At Selling Out Their Property 02-09-03
Resolution opposing the Biosphere Reserves designation of the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Program 0-03-03
The "Wildlands Project" Comes to PA! 02-03-03
German troops to guard U.S. military facilities 01-28-03
Plan proposes buffer zone 01-27-03
Plan proposes buffer zone 01-27-03
World Bank Stakeholder Survey 01-27-03
From the Director General 1-25-03
Grandfather Mountain is the oldest mountain in the eastern United States 01-25-03
Selling America Down the River 01-25-03
Scientists Defend Funding 01-25-03
The Legislative Assembly of Ontario 
Consortium Launched for Interdisciplinary Environmental Policy 01-25-03
Overdue Disclosure 01-24-03
Our Fruit, Their Labor and Global Reality 01-24-03
River Owners Balk At Selling Out Their Property 01-24-03
Steward of the Darby 01-24-03
Get rid of the people! 01-23-03
Statement by Atmospheric Scientists on Greenhouse Warming 01-21-03
Sustainable Rivers Project 01-20-03
Steve McCormick on the Shape of Things to Come 01-20-03
Meet The IRS 01-09-03
107th Congress Report HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 1st Session 01-07-03
Great Rivers Environmental Law Center going up in St. Louis, Missouri 01-09-03
From Human Rights in Australia 12-29-02
U.S. Tax Dollars Building Mexican Preserve 12-23-02
Ships make way for the right whale 12-21-02
Story of a Biosphere 12-20-02
UN Embarks on International Year of Freshwater 2003 12-14-02
UK Pro-Aborts Seek to CHANGE Peruvian Health Policy 12-09-02
1963 12-05-02
Government by Stealth and Force
Rival of Canada's Chretien calls for Kyoto caution 11-23-02
A letter to the CATO Institute 11-19-02
Progressive Democrats launch stealth attack against America
Local Group Pushes To Get U.S. Out Of U.N.
At Grass Roots, U.N. Environmental Efforts Run into Opposition 10-22-02
U.N. Headquarters set for $1Billion revamp 10-01-02
TRACKSIDE 09-08-02 By John D'Aloia, Jr.
A Distant Sound 09-08-02
The Clueless Conservatives 09-07-02
Being Conned Out Of Your Senses 09-05-02
World-Wide Taxes come one step closer 08-25-02
The legacy of Maurice Strong 08-25-02
Earth Summit: 'Historic Milestone' or 'Big Circus'? 08-23-02
New heritage sites named 07-27-02

List of United Nations Protected Areas in America

Absolutely huge file (5 min download @ 56k)

UN Labels on US Parks 06-09-02
Frustrations With Government in Oregon
UN Secretary-General Names five key areas for advancement of Sustainable
Development worldwide

Sovereignty Under Siege: U.N. Biospheres Take U.S. Land
U.S. Regains U.N. Human Rights Seat
EU wants to bid on U.S. mail 05-01-02
World court now a reality 04-11-02
Sustainable Development Issues Network for 2002
United Nations

To the following employees of the IUCN who are involved in some way with the
ISSG Program:
Several items (7) pertaining to the United Nations and their activities: 04-01-02
Taxation without representation 04-01-02
Corps of Engineers, United Nations to Cooperate on Water Issues
A Lighting Bolt of Reality - The Forced Relocation of Rural Populations
Danger to the Constitution and American Sovereignty
WTO Demands Change in U.S.  Tax Laws
Nature Conservancy pertaining to water
United Nations Sustainable Development:  Agenda 21 - Contents
Promoting Collaboration and Synergies Amongst Environmental Conventions
Calendar of Environmental Treaties
A warning about the Nature Conservancy