Announcing Clean Water Celebration in March 12-18-03
Developers File Suit Against DEP Volunteer 12-18-03
Conservationists to restore major Illinois wetland 12-17-03
Senate OKs wilderness area 11-27-03
A New Ecowatch Centre opens in Montreal 11-27-03
Lisa Bourget Selected as IJC U.S. Section Secretary 11-27-03
IJC (International Joint Commission) Welcomes Report Calling for Action to Combat Alien Invasive Species Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans Calls for Immediate Steps 11-27-03
Orick's property owners and citizens need help! 11-27-03
Water Mitigation Questioned - Letter to the Editor 11-27-03
Drying and Damaging 11-23-03
The Columbus Comprehensive Plan (CCP) 11-23-03
[US]FWS Designates Critical Habitat for Threatened and Endangered Vernal Pool Species 11-23-03
[US]FWS Designates Critical Habitat for Threatened and Endangered Vernal Pool Species 11-23-03
Slow down and study West Texas water plan before closing the deal 11-23-03
175-year-old dam being removed from Neversink River 11-23-03
Fox's visit offers hope of ending water divide 11-05-03
New Jersey News Bulletin 11-03-03
An Upstream Battle: Stepping up for salmon State rules 11-05-03
Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (CCRWQCB) 11-03-03
Greg Williams of Northwest Farm Credit Services tells Basin's current financial impacts from 2001 11-03-03
Historic Maine bargain opens way for return of Atlantic salmon runs 11-03-03
Everglades Cleanup Exposes Environmentalists 10-31-03
Nevada Rancher Sues Federal Government for $30 Million in Takings Suit 10-31-03
Register Now for NCSE Conference 10-30-03
Drought and Water 10-30-03
New Study of Upper Mississippi Region Identifies Priority Places For Conservation 10-29-03
Audubon's Upper Mississippi River Campaign Needs You! 10-25-03
Davis signs water quality legislation into law 10-25-03
Restricted water flow stops Mississippi barge traffic 10-25-03
Board wants Klamath dam removals considered 10-25-03
Chesapeake Bay Foundation Seeks Binding Compact from Governors 10-24-03
DOH to pay for new stream violations 10-22-03
Brigade meets at Snowslide trailhead 10-20-03
Water development letter 10-19-03
Management Practices for Agricultural Nonpoint Sources 10-19-03
Excavator gets jail time for clearing along creek 10-16-03
Barge Industry Crucial to Illinois Economy 10-14-03
U.S. appeals court backs Nevada water transfer from farms to refuge 10-12-03
Testimony tells story of farmers vs. fish 10-12-03
Klamath Hardy-study flaws exposed by Western scientist 10-05-03
UC professor says government underestimates impact of habitat designation 10-05-03
James Steven "Steve" Griles 10-03-03
Resources Field Hearing on ESA will Examine 09-30-03
Ocelots endangered along Rio Grande 09-30-03
Southwestern Sky Islands Ecosystems 09-30-03
The EPA Covets Jarbidge 09-26-03
Environmentalists favor pulling plug on Utah lake 09-22-03
The Water Barons 09-17-03
Too few answers given to questions about Klamath Basin fish issues 09-16-03
Tulelake Irrigation District (TID) Well Pumping - No Compensation 09-16-03
USGS Releases Study (Report) on Toxic Rainfall in the San Joaquin Valley 09-15-03
Be willing to cast stones at Mexico 09-15-03
Governor wants water withheld from Mexico 09-10-03
Big Darby antagonists striving for balance 09-09-03
Rains boosting south Texas water supplies 09-09-03
Valley farmers await water from Mexico 09-09-03
Los Angeles to get more water from north under water proposed pact 09-09-03
Audubon listening sessions 09-05-03
Living with Risk 09-05-03
County OKs farmers' idea for reservoir 09-02-03
Discussions aim to repair border water in coming decade 09-02-03
Initiative up a creek after ruling by judge 08-30-03
Irrigators Threaten Feds With Suit 08-30-03
Multiple-use approach to watershed timber is a win-win scenario for WNC 08-30-03
Land-use rules ill-suited for ballot 08-30-03
Growing with less water 08-30-03
Logging OK'd in badly damaged forest 08-27-03
Feds wade in too deep 08-20-03
Officials push for water regulation 08-17-03
Water Users Support Study of Long Lake Offstream Storage Project 08-17-03
Statement of the Interior Assistant Secretary Bennett Raley on Status of Quantification Settlement Agreement 08-17-03
Hearing on a Comprehensive Examination of the CALFED Program 08-17-03
U.S. Funds Romanian Flood Management System 08-07-03
Saving our cleanest river 08-07-03
EPA, Corps of Engineers Announce Cleanup 08-07-03
Service Designates Critical Habitat for Threatened and Endangered Vernal Pool Species 08-07-03
Flooding Families is California's "Preferred Alternative" at Lake Earl 08-07-03
Water Marketing 08-07-03
New company takes control of Honey Lake water 08-07-03
Vidler Water Company, Inc. 08-07-03
Sandy Valley Residents Bracing for a Battle 08-07-03
Group Tries To Turn Law On Its Ear To Save Rivers 08-05-03
Coalition Purchases 33,000 Acres of Texas Forest 08-05-03
Governors discuss river options 08-05-0
Watershed Partnership Training 08-04-03
Energy Monoliths Could Return 08-01-03
Mexico treaty violation requires action 07-27-03
Naches Dam Removal in WA State - The rest of the story 07-25-03
U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals rules that federal government may regulate wetlands 07-21-03
Placer casts eyes on Sacramento River 07-21-03
Lease land fight settled - for now 07-21-03
Klamath Project shut down 07-20-03
West Coast Communities Face Economic Devastation 07-20-03
Watershed trail may be test case 07-20-03
"Power is Water" 07-20-03
Santa Cruz: Fishy Business in the San Lorenzo Valley Water District 07-12-03
Searched the web for "Sycan River" "Nature Conservancy." 07-12-03
Congressional panel votes to strip Klamath group of funds 06-29-03
Vogel's declaration 06-27-03
The WYKO, IYSO test - Would You Know One If You Saw One? 06-27-03
Yale Political Science Prof Meets with Local Water Users 06-18-03
Rural Missouri men suffer from lower sperm counts than city dwellers 06-23-03
NAHB Reacts To U.S. V. Deaton Wetlands Decision 06-13-03
Federal & Local Officials Outline Benefits Of Legislation To Create National Water Commission 06-13-03
Herbicides to be used to attack hydrilla 06-08-03
Part of Rio Grande diverted 06-08-03
Study Finds Underground Water Storage May Alter Groundwater Quality 06-08-03
To: SLVWD (San Lorenzo Valley Water District - California) Board of Directors 06-08-03
EPA Arsenic Standard May Be Unconstitutional 06-07-03
U.S. Is Urged to Overhaul Its Approach to Protecting Oceans 06-05-03
Future Water Supplies Will Come From Ag, Says Farm Bureau Chief 06-05-03
Report Calls for New U.S. Oceans Agency 06-04-03
Mitigation - an easing of restrictions or just plain blackmail? 06-04-03
Investigation of Sewage Spill and Flooding Leads to Discovery of Illegal Hazardous Waste Dump 06-03-03
Water 2025 05-31-03
Takings Litigation - U.S. Stay Motion Denied 05-31-03
Biologist disputes report blasting water deliveries 05-31-03
Bush Tells Howard 05-31-03
Maine Salmon Farms Closed to Benefit Wild Salmon 05-31-03
Investigation of Sewage Spill and Flooding Leads to Discovery of Illegal Hazardous Waste Dump 05-30-03
Feds plan to play sheriff in west's water wars 05-29-03
High Court to hear MD-VA Water Case 05-25-03
Plan may aid Coos County 04-29-03
Lawmakers step up water policy talks 04-26-03
Hastings opposes Banks Lake drawdown 04-26-03
Bureau of Reclamation reservoirs prove to be West's lifeblood 04-26-03
Once again, a river will run through it 04-26-03
'People's Water Forum' urges World Water Parliament 04-26-03
Pioneering Atlas on Freshwater Supports Hydro-Diplomacy 04-26-03
$83 Million Set Aside to Protect Long Island Sound 04-26-03
Texas CEQ ruling on Water Reserves for Environment 04-26-03
Naches Dam Removal in WA State 04-26-03
Protecting Waters, Large and Small 04-26-03
Some Environmentalism Lacks Common Sense 04-26-03
EPA provides tools to city and county public health officials to improve system management 04-14-03
Gorby's Water fears 04-14-03
USGS Announces Online Access to Nationwide Fish Community Data 04-13-03
Business Owners and Recreation Groups File Suit Against National Park Service 04-13-03
Citizens can help protect river, Batavians told 04-13-03
Maine preserves pristine riverbank 04-13-03
A Fine Kettle of Fish, Trout or Not 04-13-03
North Carolina Supreme Court won't hear DuPont Forest lawsuit 04-13-03
Why Does the WTO Want My Water? 04-13-03
Coming April 1: The new headgates -- New structure, fish screens on schedule 04-13-03
Views and estimates of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure for FY 2004 04-13-03
Whitman Announces President Bush's Proposal to Nearly Double Funding for Great Lakes Activities 04-13-03
Lowrys Win Major Water Rights Decision! Victory for LU Ranching Co. 04-13-03
Upper Columbia Basin Teeming with Kokanee Salmon 04-12-03
FFA group hears Klamath farmers 04-12-03
Are You Ready to Bet on Smart Growth? 04-12-03
Richland To Discuss Water Service Options 04-12-03
CA: State-Sponsored Flooding Policy Wrecks Havoc in Crescent City 04-12-03
State right to protect water adjudication 04-12-03
Bruning asks to join Missouri River lawsuit 04-12-03


org 04-05-03

The U.S. military faces a battle of another kind in Japan 04-05-03
Section II. Conservation and Management of Resources for Development (UN Agenda 21) 04-04-03
Habitat designation underestimated, report says 04-04-03
Germany owns my water 04-04-03
Conservancy Buys Jewel of Apalachicola River 04-04-03
Bill would return land from abandoned irrigation project 04-04-03
Funds OK'd to Buy Forested Lands 04-04-03
Extremists who denied water to Klamath farmers now want to protect salmon-killing fish 04-04-03
Interior secretary working on ways to avoid water fights in the West 04-04-03
Rains fill Upper Klamath Lake, Link River 04-04-03
Columbia study will stop short of plan 04-04-03
Ben Nighthorse Campbell statement concerning S. 212 04-04-03
Bats clog sewer issue 04-04-03
Three Counties Formally Support Water Users in Current Litigation 04-03-03
Klamath Water Data 04-03-03
Florida Scientist Plans for Postwar Iraq Wetlands Restoration 04-03-03
Municipal Separate Storm Sewer 04-03-03
Area residents go to Raleigh to fight for clean water 04-02-03
Plan may aid Coos County 03-30-03
A New Frontier in Water Wars Emerges in East 03-29-03
U.S. and Mexican official to review drought conditions at New Mexico reservoirs 03-25-03
Basin shouldn't be Owens Valley II 03-25-03
Local organization recognized by EPA 03-25-03
Groundwater Pumping Makes Mojave Desert Slump 03-25-03
For Town, Water Is a Fighting Word 03-23-03
$500,000 Grant Supports Missouri River Research 03-23-03
Feds won't probe biologist's Klamath fish kill charges 03-23-03
DDT and Malaria 03-23-03
Food. the view from route 8. 03-23-03
Senators champion water users, states' rights 03-23-03
Millions of Federal Dollars for Watershed Development 03-20-03
On time, on budget, but experts not sure it will work 03-20-03
Final biological assessment on Middle Rio Grande water and maintenance operations released 03-20-03
Two days of talking fish 03-20-03
Alien Species in Cahoots 03-14-03
Man to take on system 03-14-03
Groups Seek Revisions to Missouri River Operations 03-14-03
Groups Seek Revisions to Missouri River Operations 03-14-03
Senator Introduces Bill to Gut High Court's Ruling in SWANCC 03-14-03
Users want credit - and water - for blood, blisters 03-14-03
In Southwest, Tearing Out The Lawn 03-11-03
Tale of two seasons, then and now 03-11-03
Bureau of Reclamation Met With Leary Audience at Public Meeting 03-11-03
Water - scarce commodity? 03-11-03
Despite drought, Colorado has to let water go 03-11-03
Water scarcity prompts scientists to look down 03-11-03
NC agency wants river buffer rules made permanent 03-09-03
Water Resources 03-08-03 (Large file)
Summary Report from "Biodiversity after Johannesburg:" 03-08-02 (Large File)
Lawsuit over DuPont forest may have reached end of line 03-07-03
State eyes massive Adirondack parcel for purchase, preservation 03-07-03
Stormwater plan presented in Chickamauga 03-07-03
Everett appeals shore ruling 03-02-03
Feingold Introduces Legislation to Protect Wetlands 03-02-03
As wetlands expand, so do mosquitoes 03-02-03
Water proposal taps conservation 03-02-03
Award-winning Reclamation research results available 02-28-03
Still no backing for ranch plan 02-28-03
A cold shower 02-27-03
Bureau Of Reclamation to announce 2003 Pilot Water Bank Program 02-27-03
The Columbus Comprehensive Plan (CCP) 02-27-03
Klamath: What caused salmon deaths? 02-26-03
Waterfowl experts say duck hunting is on 'last line of defense' -- or, as Jim Beers puts it: Ducks & Uncle Sam 02-26-03
Water in the Mojave 02-24-03
Water Wars 02-24-03
What is ecosystem protection? What is the watershed approach? 02-24-03
Case Study 7: Watershed Management 02-24-03
Move over, Saddam 02-24-03
Standoff over the Everglades 02-24-03
Mapping for the future 02-24-03
Thoughtful ideas for the Klamath Basin 02-24-03
Few Klamath answers 02-24-03
Drought Dread Rises in Klamath 02-24-03
An Interactive Biodiversity Information System for the Columbia River Basin 02-24-03
WaterTalk, StormTalk, and SewerTalk forums 02-24-03
EPA fines Dalton $137,345 for wetlands violation 02-19-03
The Young/Pombo Letter 02-19-03
More Funding for Darby Creek Watershed Proposed 02-19-03
Nature Conservancy Buys Tract on Tieton River 02-14-03
Tsakopoulos loses battle in a tie vote: Fine is affirmed in wetlands case 02-14-03
Tsakopoulos wetlands case goes to the top 02-14-03
Farmers could violate Clean Water Act by simple act of plowing 02-14-03
U.S. Water News Policy/Legislation Archives 02-14-03
The Pew Commission 02-12-03
Trails plan tried at private property forum 02-12-03
Missouri River states ask government to consider moving endangered birds 02-12-03
Courts Ruling on the Environment 02-12-03
Standoff ensnares Everglades 02-12-03
Marine Reserve Networks Key to Protecting Oceans 02-12-03
This is an extremely important breaking story 02-10-03
Coho boom of 2002 may herald recovery 02-09-03
Interior Department Praises Everglades Progress 02-09-03
Mexico Must Leave More Water in Rio Grande 02-09-03
Judge Backs Deal to Retire California Farms 02-09-03
Flood plan released 02-09-03
Ocean boundaries redrawn 02-09-03
Does the due process clause protect property? 02-09-03
Ecology Department acquires water rights to help Yakima basin flows 02-09-03
Montana - Catastrophic Fire Legislation 02-09-03
Wyoming: Watershed Restoration Legislation 02-09-03
Get serious about rights erosion 02-09-03
Petitcodiac 'studied to death': Riverkeepers 02-09-03
Bush proposes record $3.9 billion for conservation 02-09-03
Governor Vilsack Pledges More Affordable Housing For Iowa 02-09-03
Water politics leave scars on farm families 02-09-03
Corps, Wildlife Service Combine Forces for Water 02-09-03
Farmers may lose water to minnow 02-09-03
Federal Claims Court rules against the Corps of Engineers 02-04-03
Klamath bashers do nothing to try to improve things 02-03-03
When Water Rules Become Land Use Decisions 
Bill OKs thinning in state forests: Fire threat targeted along Front Range 02-02-03
Barnes Ranch owner talks of possible sale 01-28-03
State to decide this week whether to pursue Estates land purchase to dislodge resident 01-27-03
What are you doing in Florida, Senator Voinovich? 01-27-03
Senate passes Everglades bill that may be key to implementing Plan 01-27-03
Risky restoration 01-27-03
Water storage deal looks like a good one 01-25-03
Selling America Down the River 01-25-03
Conservancy has key part of Basin water puzzle 01-25-03
American Land Conservancy Klamath Basin Proposal 01-25-03
Consortium Launched for Interdisciplinary Environmental Policy 01-25-03
River Owners Balk At Selling Out Their Property 01-24-03
Bull trout plan draws local fire 01-24-03
Steward of the Darby 01-24-03
Amicus Request 01-24-03
The Land Grab Continues 01-23-03
Environmental labs caught faking data 01-23-03
Albuquerque Case Pits Thirst Against Fish 01-23-03
Barnes Ranch deal goes to Washington (D.C.) 01-23-03
Get rid of the people! 01-23-03
Sustainable Rivers Project 01-20-03
Wilderness Society continues its attack 01-20-03
SLVWD (The San Lorenzo Valley Water District) meeting 01-20-03
Something in the Water 01-18-03
Barnes Ranch deal goes to Washington 01-18-03
Babbitt will head new Cadiz unit seeking opportunities in Mideast 01-14-03
EPA to Allow Polluters to Buy Clean Water Credits 01-14-03
Appeals court to hear arguments in silvery minnow case 01-14-03
Governor announces new natural resources team 01-14-03
For the time being, PWCs forbidden on two lakes in Texas 01-14-03
EPA considers new rules for small waterways 01-09-03
Water wars 01-09-03
California senators promote bill to reduce IID's pull from Colo. River 01-09-03
EPA formally proposes withdrawal of Clinton-era TMDL rule  01-07-03
Connecticut Man Arrested for Having Stagnant Water Where Mosquitoes Could Breed  01-07-03
Trade in Australian Irrigation Water Rights Proposed  01-07-03
East Sandusky Bay Nature Preserve 01-07-03
Study sought of proposed mine's effect on lake  01-07-03
New Jersey Commits $100 Million Annually for Open Space 01-07-03
State sweetens water deal to tempt sour Imperial
Story leaves out critical fact: The Salton Sea 12-31-02
Growth panel a start, activists say 12-28-02
Klamath diagnosis a warning for future 12-21-02
$47 million water conservation bill signed 12-21-02
Klamath water crisis painful betrayal, ag consultants told 12-21-02
Acquisition of 16,500 Acres of San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds 12-18-02
Area resident speaks out against closure to development of groundwater
U.S. Rejects Reprieve on Deadline for Water Deal
Hansen Applauds Interior Secretary Gale Norton's Tough Stance with
California on Colorado Water

Ducks Unlimited Reports Restoration Efforts in Pa. Reach All Time High 12-17-02
UN Embarks on International Year of Freshwater 2003 12-14-02
$209 Million Pledged for Nebraska Program 12-14-02
U.S. - Chile Reach Free Trade Agreement 12-14-02
Politics as Usual Blocks Water Deal 12-14-02
Heavy truck traffic, blasting to start at A Canal headgates 12-14-02
DOI urges Calif. to reconsider Imperial Valley transfer 12-14-02
German water giant to buy local utility 12-03-02
Senate Unanimously Passes Walden Bill 11-23-02
Interior Department's top lawyer takes aim at environmental laws
Activists’ water claim hit
Counties Rally Around Forest Health Petition 11-23-02
Sewer moratorium okayed near Big Darby
Lakebed determinations could net state millions of acres of land 11-17-02
Basin streams tabbed as bull trout habitat
Battle at Sea 10-01-02
USGS Launches New Website For Nation's Water Data 09-26-02
Chávez Says City Won't Give Water for Minnows 
City to tax rainwater 09-02-02
NMFS set to impose ‘most restrictive set of regulations’ 08-25-02
Very Important White Paper on Water Rights