Zinc Man and Iron Woman save beef from vegetarian insults


March 6, 2003


By Jim Suber thesube@aol.com  


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Here's a good-sense item [that those involved in] Kansas agriculture should be grateful for, but probably isn't: About 50,000 young children in Kansas will learn about zinc, iron and protein in beef this month.

The Zip Team of Zinc Man, Iron Woman and Protein Pal are the heroic characters in a 28-page booklet put out by the Kansas Beef Council for National Nutrition Month to second-, third- and fourth-grade classrooms.

The booklet tells why youngsters need key nutrients like iron, zinc and protein. You might say, so what? Doesn't everybody but kooks like beef? No, they don't. In fact, there's a war between vegetarian interests and those who wish to promote a balanced, healthy diet for the minds and hearts of young people.

Red meat has been demonized regularly over the past 15 years or so, and that process has taken its toll. So this month, Kansas children will receive, at last, some good information on an excellent source of nutrition.

Some beef producers don't believe in promoting their product to consumers. Why subsidize retailers' advertising, they ask. They are overlooking an obvious factor in the production equation. That is, without someone who wishes to eat beef, there'd be no demand for it and no one would buy those cattle and load them into trucks. Think about it.

Many vegetarians recruit. Often, that eating style is just a plank in a larger political platform marked by other radicalisms in philosophy and behavior. If vegetarians proselyte to swell their ranks, one should ask why do they? If they do, why shouldn't meat producers promote their own product's advantages? Promoting beef or pork has a clear-cut motive; that is, to improve demand. It is doubtful the vegetarian movement is sponsored by vegetable growers. No, it is abundantly clear that most vegetarians have other agendas on their minds, and vegetarianism is a badge denoting membership in a political movement.

To decry the cattleman alone is to overlook growers of alfalfa, native grass, feed corn, soybean meal, milo and other products which provide the meat and milk animals' food. If you destroy the animal agricultural industries, you dismantle most of all agriculture.

The bovine stomachs, though, are each miracles in that they convert otherwise worthless cellulose and lignin that we cannot use into extremely beneficial products like steak, ice cream, leather coats, shoes, belts and medicines.

A few weeks ago a family member had a baby. But in the days before delivery, the mother's red cell blood count fell dangerously from 12 to 4. The maximum number of transfusions only brought it back some, still far below normal.

The doctors prescribed rest and guess what? Beef. Yes, the modern medical community in a pinch realized that beef contains an available iron, and this would be a great way to bring up her blood count and also give her much-needed protein. She is nursing the child and both are doing fine, now. Beef, it's what saves your health, sometimes, and it's a main underpinning of the economies of Kansas, Texas, Nebraska and a number of other states.

Jim Suber is a freelance writer. He formerly was a business and agriculture writer for the Topeka Capital-Journal. He and his wife live near Maple Hill.


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